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Abundant Pass

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{{Dungeon infobox
'''Abundant Pass''' (Japanese: '''すずなり峠''' ''Abundant Pass'') is a [[Mystery Dungeon|dungeon]] in [[Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon]] that is located on the [[Grass Continent]]. It is unlocked upon arrival at the [[Grass Continent]]. During {{p|Grotle}}'s [[Connection Orb]] mission, the stairs behind the locked door can be accessed, which lead to [[Little Canyon]].
==Pokémon encountered==
{{DungeonItem|Poké|3=B1F-B14|4=30-90|sprite=Poké currency}}
{{DungeonItem|Chesto Berry|3=B3B3F, B6}}
{{DungeonItem|Oran Berry|3=B2F, B8B1F-B14}}
{{DungeonItem|Pecha Berry|3=B5B5F-B6}}
{{DungeonItem|Rawst Berry|3=B1}}
{{DungeonItem|Barrage Guard|Emera|B1}}
{{DungeonItem|Distance Dodge|Emera|B1B1F, B8}}
{{DungeonItem|Dizzying Payback|Emera|B1}}
{{DungeonItem|Power Boost X|Emera|B1}}
{{DungeonItem|Power Boost Y|Emera|B1}}
{{DungeonItem|Elixir|Health drink|3=B1F-B10B14}}
{{DungeonItem|Tiny Reviver Seed|Seed|B1B1F-B10B14}}
{{DungeonItem|Petrify Wand|Wand|B2F-B4|2-3}}
{{DungeonItem|Slumber Wand|Wand|B1|3}}
{{DungeonItem|Escape Orb|Wonder Orb|B5}}
{{DungeonItem|See-Trap Orb|Wonder Orb|B7F-B8}}
{{DungeonItem|Slumber Orb|Wonder Orb|B1B1F, B10}}
! style="background:#{{grass color light}}" | Trap
! style="background:#{{grass color light}}; {{roundytr|5px}}"| Floors
|- style="background: #FFF"
| [[File:GustTrapSMD.png]]
| Gust Trap
| B1F
|- style="background: #FFF"
| [[File:HungerTrapSMD.png]]
| Spiky Trap
| B1F, B5F
|- style="background: #FFF"
| [[File:SpinTrapSMD.png]]
| Spin Trap
| B5F
| style="background: #FFF; {{roundybl|5px}}"| [[File:SpinTrapSMDSummonTrapSMD.png]]
| style="background: #FFF"| SpinSummon Trap
| style="background: #FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}"| B5FB10F