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<s>I am a person obsessed with Pokémon ever since I saw the anime (though that mostly stopped happening with the Hoenn saga and voice actor changes). Apparently from some other users, I'm referred to as '''HT'''... Moving on. 5/23/07, my first edit, a long time ago... My favorite term is "UBERpie," because I had a {{p|Caterpie}} in {{g|NetBattle}} (the random battles), and I won with it. Pretty cool, eh? On the opposing note, in Crystal, I had my {{p|Togepi}} use {{m|Metronome}}, and it used {{m|Transform}}...on a {{p|Magikarp}}... what fun... Interestingly enough, I had another Togepi in SoulSilver which called up a bad move at the wrong time... it used {{m|Memento}} on an {{p|Abra}} that kept spamming me with {{m|Flash}}... the irony comes in where one level later, it [[evolution|evolved]]... call me question kid as there are a lot of talk pages with unanswered questions from me.</s> IfWon't yoube arearound tryingfor toa readwhile. this, comePlease insteadtry to Bulbagardenget Archivesin (thetouch thirdwith navigationsomeone thingyelse, onor theemail left).me Wethrough needthe devoted users who are willing to help edit!'pedia. PeaceThanks~
===Pokémon Favs and Not-So Favs===
===Personal thoughts===
*I seriously thought that they could've given a better English name for Leafia. My thought was probably Solareon seemed fine to me... though, I think it's fine now... gar adaptation...
*My favorite trainerTrainer from GSCHGSS was [[Schoolkid (Trainer class)|Schoolboy]] Alan. He's a Trainer that can be battled multiple times at {{rt|36|Johto}}. He thinks he's analyzing my Pokémon when I'm actually analyzing his. Quite amusing actually.
*A move that I would really like to see made is '''Devolution Beam'''. That could become a very vital move in battle. It'd be {{type|Psychic}}, 20 PP, 95% accuracy. Retreating will still keep that status. It'll only change back upon finishing battle.
*Abilities that are Contest-related should be used as well. That'd be AWESOME! Err... a more unique taste at least, haha.