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One-hit knockout move

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* Starting in Generation III, type-effectiveness messages no longer appear with the successful use of a one-hit KO move.
* {{p|Lapras}} can learn the most one-hit KO moves of any Pokémon (excluding Smeargle), being able to learn {{m|Sheer Cold}}, {{m|Fissure}}, and {{m|Horn Drill}}.
* All one-hit KO moves are normally ineffective against a type of Pokémon. {{m|Fissure}} cannot affect {{type|Flying}} Pokémon, {{m|Guillotine}} and {{m|Horn Drill}} cannot affect {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon, and {{m|Sheer Cold}} cannot affect {{type|Ice}} Pokémon (as of [[Generation VII]]). Of these, only Sheer Cold's ineffectiveness is not based on a type immunity, and thus cannot be bypassed (e.g. with a move like {{m|Gravity}} or {{m|Foresight}}). Sheer Cold is also the only one-hit KO move where this ineffectiveness did not exist until after its debut generation.