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[[File:Lillie and Hobbes.png|thumb|250px|Lillie and Hobbes]]
Lillie is a polite, innocent, and kindhearted girl from a wealthy upbringing, who always shows care and concern for others. Due to the trauma she sustained when she was attacked by a {{p|Nihilego}} and rescued by [[Gladion#Silvally|Gladion's Silvally]] as a child, she is terrified of physically interacting with Pokémon, and tends to freeze up whenever one Pokémon enters her personal space; in ''[[SM005|Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!]]'', she goes so far as to wear a full suit of diving gear to avoid making contact with Pokémon during a fishing class. When other characters point out her fear, she denies it by saying she simply choosesavoids Pokémon by choice until she concedes to avoidher Pokémoninability in ''[[SM008|Lillie's Egg-xhilirating Adventure]]''. Despite this, Lillie enjoys studying Pokémon from a researcher's perspective, and is comfortable with being around them at a safe distance. In ''[[SM014|Getting to Know You!]]'', she became comfortable with touching her own [[Snowy|Pokémon]], and she has been shown touching other Pokémon since then, such as {{AP|Pikachu}} in ''[[SM030|The Ol' Raise and Switch!]]'' and a Stoutland in ''[[SM032|Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!]]''. However, in ''[[SM048|Night of a Thousand Poses!]]'', she regresses to the point where she can't even touch Snowy after her memory of Silvally resurfaces, in which Silvally seemingly attacked her. After remembering that Silvally had protected her from Nihilego years earlier, Lillie completely overcame her fear, becoming eager to make contact with as many Pokémon as possible.
Lillie is extremely knowledgeable about the behavior, types, and background of Alola's native Pokémon species and [[regional variant]]s, including [[guardian deities]] such as {{p|Tapu Koko}}. However, she appears to know little about Pokémon in other [[region]]s, as seen when she expresses surprise that {{p|Exeggutor}}—a {{2t|Grass|Dragon}}-type Pokémon in Alola—is a Grass/{{t|Psychic}}-type Pokémon elsewhere. She also has a tendency to bring up information that she has gathered from books. In ''[[SM045|Now You See Them, Now You Don't!]]'', Lillie is shown to enjoy writing in her journal before she goes to sleep.