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Stance Change (Ability)

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===In battle===
====Generation VI====
Stance Change allows Aegislash to switch between its Shield Forme (high defensive stats, low offensive stats) and Blade Forme (high offensive stats, low defensive stats). Aegislash is always in Shield Forme if it is not battling, and as such, switching out reverts it to Shield Forme.
If Shield Forme Aegislash uses a damaging move, it changes to Blade Forme immediately before using the move. If Blade Forme Aegislash uses {{m|King's Shield}}, it changes to Shield Forme immediately before using the move. [[Status move]]s other than King's Shield will not change its Forme. {{cat|Moves that call other moves}}, such as {{m|Sleep Talk}}, will not change its Forme, even if they call a damaging move or King's Shield.