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The previous talk about Calem/Serena's father never seems to have reached a conclusion. To me, it's a no-brainer. The man clearly mentions a kid of his who's about the same age as the player and set off from Vaniville Town recently, while also using gender pronouns opposite to the player character's gender. Could this be called confirmed? --[[User:FinnishPokéFan92|FinnishPokéFan92]] ([[User talk:FinnishPokéFan92|talk]]) 07:08, 1 August 2018 (UTC)
:Plus, [[Professor Sycamore]] also mentions that Calem/Serena is the child of a {{tc|Veteran}} Trainer, and the male individual mentioned above uses the male Veteran overworld model. Shouldn't this seriously be enough of an evidence? --[[User:FinnishPokéFan92|FinnishPokéFan92]] ([[User talk:FinnishPokéFan92|talk]]) 18:04, 1 August 2018 (UTC)
::If someone can confirm that his child's gender is the opposite of the player's gender also in the Japanese version, then he's definitely the rival's father.--'''[[User:Dennou Zenshi|<font color="#AB0909">電</font><font color="#063A73">禅</font>]]<small>[[User talk:Dennou Zenshi|<font color="#fff" face="Tahoma"><span style="text-shadow:#000 0.2em 0.1em 0.1em; class=texhtml">Den Zen</span></font>]]</small>''' 19:08, 1 August 2018 (UTC)