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==Recurring gift items==
Certain items may be given to the player once per day by [[non-player character]]s, often for fulfilling a certain task.
Starting in [[Generation II]], the [[Pokémon Lottery Corner]] has a chance to reward the player with an item once per day (unlimited times in {{3v2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}). The prize varies on how many digits of a randomly generated number match the ID of any of the player's Pokémon; they are typically rare items, such as [[PP Up]]s. Notably, the lottery provides the only recurring source of [[Master Ball]]s in the series if a perfect match is made.
===Generation III===
* A girl in the house southwest of the windmill in [[Dendemille Town]] will give the player a [[Leppa Berry]] once per day if shown the requested TM.
* A young girl in the Poké Ball Emporium in [[Lumiose City]] will give the player either several {{ball|Heal}}s or one {{ball|Luxury}} once per day if her question is answered in the affirmative.
* The Loto-ID Center in [[Lumiose City]] will provide the player with one of the following Items once per day depending upon how many numerals of the player's Pokémon's ID numbers match: [[Moomoo Milk]] for one digit, [[PP Up]] for two digits, [[PP Max]] for three digits, [[Rare Candy]] for four digits, and finally a [[Master Ball]] for all five digits.