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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Added changes made since the first game from my Pokemon XD guide on GameFAQs.
'''Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンXD {{tt|闇|やみ}}の{{tt|旋風|かぜ}}ダーク・ルギア''' ''Pokémon XD: Whirlwind of Darkness, Dark Lugia'') is [[Genius Sonority]]'s second and final Pokémon game for the [[Nintendo GameCube]] as well as the second RPG in the Pokémon series for a home console. The game features a [[Battle Mode]] akin to that of its [[Pokémon Colosseum|predecessor]], as well as a Story Mode featuring a brand new plot set in the [[Orre]] region.
The changes made since the first game are as follows:
*Your Starter Pokemon is a L5 Eevee instead of a L25 Espeon and L26 Umbreon.
*Gameplay is less challenging until the post-game in Story Mode.
*Save function has been removed from PCs, as you can save anywhere now.
*There are now 8 PC boxes.
*Shadow Pokemon go into Reverse Mode rather than Hyper Mode.
*Shadow Pokemon can't be put in the Day Care.
*Battle Mode has been dropped, though the Orre Colosseum has been incorporated into the post-game Story Mode.
*Calling a non-Shadow Pokemon raises its accuracy if it's not asleep.
*Pyrite Cave and The Under have been sealed off.
*Pyrite Building has been turned into ONBS.
*A Purify Chamber has been added.
*Shadow Pokemon now learn Special Moves via purification.
*Wild Pokemon, in-game trades, Battle Bingo and Battle Sims have been added.
*Phenac Stadium has been closed.
*Strategy Memo is automatically updated.
*In Mt. Battle, you are no longer asked if you want to advance to the next zone.
*Shadow Rush's power has dropped to 50 and no longer causes recoil damage.
*There are now many different kinds of Shadow Moves.
*There's now a Move Relearner.
*Shadow Moves are now super effective against non-Shadow Pokemon but not very effective against Shadows.
*There is now a '+' next to an opponent's Shadow Pokemon's level.
*TMs 07 (Hail), 46 (Thief) and 37 (Sandstorm) are gone.
*The books in the basement of the Phenac Pokemon Centre are now described as a Hoenn/Kanto region research.
*Mt. Battle trainer levels now go up to Level 70 and trainers now use Legendary Pokemon.
*Time Flutes are gone.
*Poke Balls can now be brought at most Poke Marts.
*There are now stricter conditions for trading with the GBA games.
*Areas 1-3 of Mt. Battle are available from the start.
*You no longer have a travelling companion for most of the game.
*The Orre Region map got a makeover, and is now viewed from a 3D rather than a top-down look.