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Meanwhile, [[Ash's Pidgeotto]] flies about searching for Team Rocket, and appears to have noticed Team Rocket's balloon flying upward with James and Meowth inside. Ash then instructs Pidgeotto to pop their balloon so that they can't get away. When they land, Otoshi commands Team Rocket to give up the Badges, when Meowth admits that they have been robbed as well.
Misty demands that they show them all that they own, just in case if they were lying. After they give a good search, Brock pronounces that it's all just junk. Meowth tells Ash and the gang that Jessie had stolen them. Marowak starts throwing a tantrum, and Meowth translates to Otoshi that Marowak doesn't want to be his Pokémon anymore, with the Badges stolen, all of its hard work had gone to waste (presumably also because the former had already proven his worthlessness by having fallen for such an obvious trap). When Otoshi asks Marowak to stay, the Bone Keeper Pokémon knocks Otoshi's hand away and leaves him.
Ash, Misty, and Brock agree that they all have to find Jessie and the Badges or else Marowak may never come back. However, James and Meowth begin to give chase as well to find Jessie first. then Jessie is then revealed to have donned a disguise in order to fool Ash, Misty, and Brock, Otoshi, James and Meowth.