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Miltank (Pokémon)

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In the anime
[[Whitney]]'s uncle, [[Milton]], has multiple Miltank at his farm in ''[[EP159|A Dairy Tale Ending]]''. He milks them and uses their milk to make his own dairy products.
A Miltank appeared in ''[[EP207|Got Miltank?]]'', where itshe was guarding a Pokémon-exclusive area.
A {{pkmn2|wild}} Miltank appeared in ''[[AG171|Pokémon Ranger: Deoxys Crisis (Part 1)]]'', where [[Solana]] used her [[Capture Styler]] to receive itsher assistance in putting a {{p|Deoxys}} in Normal Forme.
Four Miltank appeared in ''[[DP062|Tanks for the Memories!]]''. One was under {{OBP|Autumn|DP062}}'s ownership, nicknamed "Ilta" (ルータン ''Rūtan''), two were under {{OBP|Spring and Summer|DP062|Summer}}'s, and another one was under {{OBP|Spring and Summer|DP062|Spring}}'s.
A Miltank appeared on the side of a truck in ''[[EP259|Entei at Your Own Risk]]''.
A Miltank appeared in ''[[EP268|Tie One On!]]'', under the ownership of {{jo|Harrison}}. She haswas only been used to quell an argument between [[Ash's Bulbasaur]] and {{AP|Squirtle}}, and [[Vincent's Meganium]] and {{p|Azumarill}} during the [[Silver Conference]].
Several Miltank were seen outside of a [[Pokémon Center]] in ''[[BW124|Danger, Sweet as Honey!]]''.