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Sophocles is feeling more uncomfortable by the second and pleads for them to return to the Pokémon School. Lillie, on the other hand, is imagining what their tumultuous life as shrunken-down school students would be like; from how hard writing with regular-sized pencils would have become, to how impossible the once-simple task of jumping a rope would be. Sophocles, now outright panicking at the thought of having to live the rest of his days at this size, pleads to return to the school and never returned to normal. Ash and Lillie, meanwhile, have decided to have a bit more adventuring before that, and are now hanging on to a floating {{p|Comfey}}, urging Sophocles to come along. Not wanting to be left alone, Sophocles starts riding Togedemaru and following them. Soon, Ash and Lillie are floating over the streets of [[Hau'oli City]], thoroughly enjoying the experience. Unbeknownst to them, they are noticed by a certain Alolan {{p|Persian}}, who seems to recognize Ash, licking its lips. Elsewhere, Kiawe, Mallow, and Lana are having trouble in locating their miniscule friends, but they soon spot Pikachu and Snowy communicating with the group of Dedenne from before, and then following their lead. Figuring that the two Pokémon must have a lead, the flying trio decides to follow them.
As the sun is starting to set and the evening comes, Ash and Lillie realize that they can't see Sophocles following them anymore. However, their attention is then caught by a {{p|Murkrow}}, which repeatedly attacks them, causing them to lose their grips on the Comfey and fall. They bounce off the canvases on the markbe rok stalls, until they hit a palm tree, which sends them straight into a fruit stall. They quickly find out that said stall belongs to [[Moani]], who doesn't seem to be too surprised to see them in their shrunken state. The reason for this turns out to be Sophocles, who's eating an apple while sitting on a scKescale below them. Moani tells them to have an orange, but Lillie points out that they're too small to even peel off the skin of the fruit. Unexpectedly, the oranges start falling down under Ash's weight and rolling all over the street. The scale that Sophocles was sitting on is knocked down by the falling fruits and hits Togedemaru below, knocking her out and sending her rolling into the street too.
While Moani asks people around the street to help her pick up the fallen fruits, Ash, Lillie, and Sophocles have managed to avoid being hit the orange slide. The Alolan Persian from before then shows up, stopping the unconscious Togedemaru's rolling. Ash immediately recognizes this Persian as the same one who [[SM007|once]] bullied {{AP|Litten}}. Persian knocks Togedemaru towards the three children, who start running for their lives. Although they manage to escape from being squished by climbing up to the sidewalk, Persian is still after them. Meanwhile, Mallow finds Togedemaru, and contacts Kiawe and Lana on other locations around the city, informing them of her find and saying that Ash and the others must be nearby as well.