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Erika accepts the challenge and sets up a three-on-three battle. Ash sends out {{AP|Bulbasaur}} while Erika sends out {{p|Tangela}}, which prompts Ash to check his [[Pokédex]]. Bulbasaur attacks with {{m|Vine Whip}}, but Tangela uses {{m|Constrict}} to pull Bulbasaur closer before following up with {{m|Stun Spore}}, {{status|Paralysis|paralyzing}} Bulbasaur. Ash recalls Bulbasaur and Erika offers to treat it with [[Paralyze Heal|Parlyz Heal]], but he refuses and considers using {{AP|Primeape}}, but knowing how unruly the Pokémon is, he changes his mind and sends out {{AP|Charmander}} instead. Erika sends out {{p|Weepinbell}} and opens with a {{m|Razor Leaf}} attack. Charmander uses {{m|Flamethrower}} to stop the attack and send it back as fireballs. Charmander uses {{m|Skull Bash}} to [[fainting|knock out]] Weepinbell. Erika points out Ash's lack of empathy towards his Pokémon as she sends out Gloom. It releases its stench and upon smelling it, Charmander jumps into the air, holding its nose before fainting. Ash tries to decide his next Pokémon, but Pikachu steps forward and offers to battle. Ash is not optimistic, but Pikachu is confident that he will win.
Team Rocket interrupts the battle and jumps down onto the battlefield. Meowth detonates the blaster ball<!--Blaster bomb or blaster ball?-->, which is still on Meowth, sending them blasting off, but they manage to escape with the perfume. The bomb starts a massive fire and the Trainers quickly recall their Pokémon. Everyone gets outside as the fire grows out of control and threatens to destroy the Gym. Everyone tries to put the fire out, but their attempts are not very effective. Ash feels guilty that he allowed Team Rocket inside (and the prior remark about the Gym's perfume that caused the whole mess in the first place), but Misty snaps him out of it. He sends {{AP|Squirtle}} while Misty sends out {{TP|Misty|Staryu}} and {{TP|Misty|Starmie}} to fire {{m|Water Gun}} at the fire. Brock sends {{TP|Brock|Geodude}} to drop dirt on the flames. As they begin to get a hold on the fire, Erika runs around, frantic because she cannot find Gloom. She thinks Gloom is still inside and attempts to run in, but Misty stops her. Ash runs in instead. He finds Gloom scared, but as he approaches, Gloom releases its smell. The ceiling begins to cave in around Gloom. Ash takes a chance and holds his breath as he rushes into the room. He gets up to Gloom, but can no longer hold his breath as he takes a breath, but he finds no smell because he remembers the story that Gloom will not stink if it feels safe.
Ash runs out of the burning Gym with Gloom in hand and everyone congratulates Ash for his bravery. The next day, Erika presents the {{Badge|Rainbow}} to Ash because he saved Gloom. Ash points out the lost potion, but Erika points out that the bottle held Gloom's scent. Meanwhile, Team Rocket opens the bottle, the contents knocking them out. Ash now has five Badges and they move on to the next town.