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Ash's Krookodile

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As a wild Pokémon
Sandile reappeared in ''[[BW020|Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!]]'', separating Ash from the group in order to battle Pikachu again. However, a wild {{p|Ducklett}} stole his sunglasses and stopped the battle. Sandile was deeply saddened without his sunglasses, losing his usual confidence and becoming quite cowardly. With Ash and Pikachu's help, he defeated the Ducklett and reclaimed his sunglasses. Later, after being healed at the [[Pokémon Center]], Sandile finally got the battle he wanted with Pikachu. Sandile dominated the battle to start with and eventually [[Evolution|evolved]] into Krokorok. Pikachu soon gained the upper hand however, and sent Krokorok blasting off when his {{m|Electro Ball}} attack collided with Krokorok's Stone Edge, causing the stones to hit Krokorok and send him flying.
After a long absence, Krookodile, still as a Krokorok, returned at the end of ''[[BW064|Explorers of the Hero's Ruin!]]'' with the same goal of defeating Pikachu in battle. In the [[BW065|following episode]], he battled against Pikachu, and ended up causing the two of them to go flying. He was later found by Ash, and helped them locate Pikachu. It was revealed that Krokorok had followed them through various locations, including [[Nimbasa Town]] and [[Nimbasa City]], in order to have a rematch with Pikachu. He also followed them through [[Chargestone Cave]], where he was shown to be the cause of a pen being stuck in the {{p|Klinklang}} in ''[[BW063|Evolution Exchange Excitement!]]''. Krokorok later allowed Ash to use him to help {{OBP|Mick|BW065}} learn to battle, and he eventually teamed up with Pikachu under Mick's command in a [[Double Battle]] against [[Sean]]'s father's {{p|Seismitoad}} and {{p|Scolipede}}, where the duo eventually won. Krokorok then got the chance to battle Pikachu like he had wanted for so long, and after a hard-fought battle, Pikachu emerged victorious. Krokorok was depressed by the loss and begun to leave, when Ash invited him to join their team. Krokorok happily agreed, and was caught by Ash in a [[Poké Ball]].
====With Ash====