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This episode begins with [[Cedric Juniper]] stumbling out of the [[Chargestone Cave]] and collapses. [[Professor Juniper]] recognizes him as her father. Inside of the base camp tent, Cedric Juniper eats a meal and is feeling a lot better after collapsing. Professor Juniper explains to {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} that Cedric does research on {{p|Zekrom}} and {{p|Reshiram}}. Cedric explains that he may have found the [[Hero's Ruin]], the location where the Hero for the hero's legend and Zekrom communicated, but he got lost inside Chargestone Cave while searching. Ash asks Cedric if they can go with him to look for the ruins. Cedric says no which shocks everyone, but he finishes his statement by saying that no reason he should say no. Everyone finds out that Cedric tends to get interrupted in the middle of his sentence but does not get upset easily. Ash and his friends put the two statements together and realize that he is saying that they can go with him to the ruins.
Everyone heads off through Chargestone Cave, through the forest, up a rock wall, and later that night camp out in the forest. Ash asks Cedric about the hero's legend. Cedric explains that when the hero turns darkness into light, and links his heart with Pokémon, Zekrom will appear to him its power. Everyone enters the ruins while Cedric explains that they must be careful inside because there are traps all over the ruins to deal with intruders. They reach a {{p|Venipede}} statue, and {{an|Cilan}} approaches it. Cedric says that turning the statue to the left should not be done, but Cilan turns it to the left before Cedric could finish saying that he shouldn't. The wall opens up, and a huge boulder rolls towards them, making the group run for their lives. {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}} uses {{m|Dig}} to make a hole for everyone to jump in and avoid the boulder with. Iris is upset at Cedric for not finishing his statement in time. After passing through the newly opened pathway, they see two suspension bridges. Cedric tells them not to cross the bridge on the right, so Ash and Cilan try to cross the bridge on the left. Cedric finishes his statement and says that the bridge on the left should not be crossed either. Ash and Cilan almost fall in but made it back in time. Cedric explains to them that they should not jump to conclusions. {{TP|Iris|Axew}} is again not pleased that Cedric didn't finish his statement in time again. She points out that there is a separate pathway and they take that instead.