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{{learnlist/level2|13|Water Gun|Water|40|100|25||'''}}
{{learnlist/level2|19|Rain Dance|Normal|—|—|10}}
*Quagsire's demo name, Mizūo (a combination of ''water'' and ''fish''), may be related to its official [[Pokémon category|category]] as the "Water Fish Pokémon."
Quagsire appears to be based on a {{wp|giant salamander}}.
Quagsire is a combination of ''{{wp|Mire|quagmire}}'' and the honorific ''sire'' or ''{{wp|Siren (genus)|Siren}}'' (a genus of salamander).
Mizūo may beis a combination of 水 ''mizu'' (water) and 魚 ''-uo'' (fish), likely from 山椒魚 ''sanshouuo'' ({{wp|salamander}}) meaningwhich translates directly as "Japanese pepper fish."