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Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 19

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North of the entrance is [[N]]'s old room. He tells you the sad tale of his childhood, then leaves the room in silence. Grab the {{ball|Luxury}} before following him.
A fallen column blocks the walkway, so climb down the rubble to the lower level. Pick up the {{DL|Vitamin|[[Protein}}]] to the west before heading east. Before heading upstairs, be sure to grab {{TM|50|Overheat}} to the southeast.
Go west from the entrance to find a hidden {{DL|Valuable[[Tiny itemMushroom|TinyMushroom}}]] in the line of trees. To the north, an old man tells you about the marsh's history and the fire that once raged here. Move the boulder into place to reach the southwest lake; defeat Pokémon Ranger Elaine to get a [[Lum Berry]], and continue south to find {{TM|84|Poison Jab}}. Further north, a hidden {{DL|Valuable item|[[Big Mushroom}}]] and a {{DL|Shard|[[Green Shard}}]] lie on opposite sides of Fisherman Arnold. Head to the northeast area for a {{DL|Exchangeable item|[[Heart Scale}}]], then jump the ledge. A hidden [[Dawn Stone]] and a [[Rare Candy]] can be found in the middle of the southeast lake. South of that, Pokémon Ranger Parker gives up another [[Lum Berry]], and a {{DL|Status ailment healing item|[[Full Heal}}]] sits nearby.
Return to {{rt|8|Unova}} and head southwest to reach [[Icirrus City]].
===The Ore Collector===
The Gentleman in the Pokémon Center is interested in collecting any stones, gems, and minerals you might have, and is willing to pay double the normal price for them. He is the only person in the region who will buy {{DL|Valuable item|[[Pearl String}}]]s and {{DL|Valuable item|[[Comet Shard}}]]s.
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===Pokémon Fan Club===
Talk to the chairman and show him a well-trained Pokémon to get an item. Depending on the number of levels it gained since meeting you, he will hand over up to three different items. A Pokémon that has grown 25-49 levels will earn you an [[Exp. Share]]; 50-98 levels will get you a {{DL|Out-of-battle effect item|[[Cleanse Tag}}]]; and a Pokémon that's grown 99 levels will earn you a [[King's Rock]].
The girl in the Fan Club will offer to check your Pokémon's mood. Choose a Pokémon to show her, and she will tell you how [[Friendship|friendly]] it is toward you.
===Aha's Pep Quiz===
The home of Aha, Wye, and Ditoh is east of the former Gym. The mother, Wye, pulls you into the game the moment you step inside. The father, Aha, will ask you a question, while Wye gives hints to the answer. A correct answer will earn you an {{DL|Status ailment healing item|[[Antidote}}]], while an incorrect one will get you a {{DL|Status[[Paralyze ailment healing itemHeal|Parlyz Heal}}]] instead. You can take the quiz once per day.
===The Shadows Reappear===
The third floor is covered with one-way ramps. Jump to the south, then take the middle ramp west then north to reach a [[Shiny Stone]]. Grab the {{DL|Vitamin|[[Protein}}]] in the northeast before taking the southernmost ramp west to the winding staircase.
Another simple floor. Follow the path to find a {{DL|Valuable item|[[Comet Shard}}]], which can be sold to the Ore Collector in Icirrus for a whopping {{pdollar}}60,000! Continue on to the stairs in the southwest.
After the battle, [[N]] appears and tells you to go to the [[Giant Chasm]]. According to his friend, {{p|Kyurem}} has returned! Once he leaves, be sure to track down that hidden {{DL|Valuable item|[[Comet Shard}}]]. It is possible to {{m|Fly}} out of here, so take off for [[Lacunosa Town]] again and head east.
==Giant Chasm==