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moved trivia from golisopod fan to here, it's mentioned in a book
|''{{wp|Adventure Time}}''
|''Joshua and Margaret Investigations''
| style="text-align:left" | In one scene in the episode, Margaret is shown entering a weapons room. Among the weapons on the right wall is a small [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}}.
|[[File:Adventure Time weapons room still.jpg|200px]]
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| rowspan="2" | ''{{wp|American Dad!}}''
| ''{{wp|A Piñata Named Desire}}''
| style="text-align:left" | While {{wp|Steve Smith (American Dad!)|Steve}} was remembering about he and his friends used to have sleepovers when they were little, a pink and purple {{p|Pikachu}} is seen on the t-shirt worn by his friend Toshi.
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| ''Kloger''
| style="text-align:left" | When Toshi fails to grab the bar above him during the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, the army man refers to him as "Pokémon".
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| ''{{wp|The Autocrats}}''
| ''Ballmastrz: 9009''
| ''To Catch A Princess"
| style="text-align:left" | In the video game Ace is playing, he throws a gold ball at the princesses which then captures them just like thea [[Poké Ball]] catches Pokémon.
|[[File:Ballmastrz 9009.png|200px]]
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| ''{{wp|The Suite Life of Zack & Cody}}''
| ''{{wp|Odd Couples}}''
| style="text-align:left" | In multiple episodes, a toy [[Poké Ball]] can be seen on a shelf in Zack and Cody's bedroom.
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| style="text-align:left" | There is an achievement that grants the player five coins for saving fifty critters called "Gotta save 'em all!", which is based on the franchise's original slogan, "Gotta catch 'em all!".
| [[File:Simon's Cat - Pop Time.png|200px]]
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*{{p|Golisopod}} is mentioned in Jason Starr's November 2018 book, ''Too Far''.
**''"My son's into Pokémon too," Rob Said. "Big Golisopod fan - huge."''
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