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Appendix:Emerald walkthrough/Section 16

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===1F (west)===
Pass through the north cabin to get a {{DL|[[Revive|Revive}}]], then go through the south door to reach the outside of the ship. Climb the stairway there to reach the Captain's office.
===Captain's Office===
The lower floor uses a series of colored buttons as a security measure; when stepped on, all similarly-colored doors open while all others close. Step on the blue button in the entrance room and go west. Press the green button in the next room and continue on. Pass by the third button and head north to reach an [[Escape Rope]]; collect the item and press the blue button beneath it. Go northwest to find a room with two items, a {{DL|Status ailment healing item|[[Paralyze Heal|Parlyz Heal}}]] to the left and a {{p|Voltorb}} to the right. Follow the hallway eastward to the north-central room and another pair of items, a Voltorb to the left and a {{DL|Status ailment healing item|[[Full Heal}}]] to the right; collect the item and step on the green button beneath it. The generator is located in the northeast room; press the red button to shut it down and collect the [[Thunder Stone|ThunderStone]] before leaving the area.
With your task complete, return to [[Wattson]] outside the Pokémon Center. Inform him that everything is all right in New Mauville, and the grateful Gym Leader rewards you with {{TM|24|Thunderbolt}}.