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List of Pokémon Conquest items

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Pokémon Conquest exclusive items: Fix the unifier crystal condition, I got it with half the army perfect linked with odd number of warriors
|effect=Raises Power, Wisdom and Charisma of the [[Warrior]] by 10. Raises Attack and Defense of the Pokémon. {{p|Registeel}} will appear in [[Valora]] the next month when equipped.
|descconquest=Improves various stats. Can only be used by Ieyasu.
|locconquest=In the [[List of Pokémon Conquest stories|story]] ''{{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest stories|The Burden of Peace}}'', have 15 or more Warriors, with half or more than half the army achieved Perfect [[Link]] with even-numbered warriors, or the entire army achieved Perfect Link with odd-numbered warriors. Deploy [[Tadakatsu]] and Rank II [[Ieyasu]] in [[Valora]]. Obtaining event will fire during next month.