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team rocket is not in unova. they may have been mentioned but team plasma is the evil team in unova
The Team Rocket members involved in the Johto plot may be connected in some way to the Sevii Islands branch of Team Rocket, as the Executives have similar teams to the Executives there, while a computer in the [[Rocket Warehouse]] indicates the beginnings of the Lake of Rage plot.
===In Unova===
Although Team Rocket itself does not appear in [[Generation V]], it was implied that the Team Rocket operative in Cerulean City planned to re-establish Team Rocket in Unova, but he gave up on those plans when he married. He resides in [[Icirrus City]] with his wife and son. Team Rocket is also mentioned by a {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}} in [[N's Castle]] in the first games, who claims that their plans were thwarted because "they drew too much attention to themselves".
==In the anime==