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Recycle (move)

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Generations III and IV
Recycle allows the user to regain a [[held item]], such as a [[Berry]], that the user had previously consumed during the battle. Recycle fails if the user already has a held item. Consumed items are not forgotten even if the Pokémon is switched out. Recycle cannot restore items that were transferred to another Pokémon (such as via {{m|Thief}}) or items that were {{m|Knock Off|knocked off}}, but can recover items consumed by {{m|Bug Bite}}, {{m|Fling}}, {{m|Natural Gift}}, and {{m|Pluck}}.
Recycle can recover items consumed that were originally another Pokémon's, but transferred to the Pokémon with Recycle during a battle. However, a Pokémon may only have one consumed item at a time; if a Pokémon consumes an item, then obtains another and consumes it, the original consumed item cannot be restored, even if the second item is restored and transferred to another Pokémon. If the Pokémon that knows Recycle obtains an item after consuming one, it can still use Recycle to restore the old item as long as it has no hold item when using Recycle and did not consume any other items since consuming the old item. Once an item is restored, it is no longer treated as a consumed item, so it cannot be restored again until it is consumed again.
===Generation V onward===