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* [[Ash's Pikachu]], {{Ash}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, Mallow, {{an|Lillie}}, {{an|Lana}}, and {{an|Sophocles}} narrate the preview for the [[SM083|next episode]].
* Despite [[Moani]] having made her debut appearance in ''[[SM004|First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!]]'', 78 episodes ago, this is the first time when her name is mentioned.
* SimilarThe todress ''[[SM018|Athat SeasonedMoani Search!]]'',wears thisduring episodethe featuresPokéDance anclass evolutionis ofsimilar Mallow's Pokémon andto the animedresses debutwork ofby a[[Alola]]n form{{tc|Dancer}}s ofin the {{ppkmn|Oricoriogames}}. Her dialogue also implies that she used to be one when she was younger.
** TheSimilar evolution,to notably''[[SM018|A Seasoned Search!]]'', occurredthis underepisode somewhatfeatures similaran circumstancesevolution asof Mallow's Pokémon, wassaid thePokémon onlylearning onetwo notnew captured by Team Rocket[[move]]s, and had to be the oneanime todebut rescueof thean {{p|Oricorio}} othersform.
* Steenee's evolution occurrs under somewhat similar circumstances as her evolution from Bounsweet, with her being the only individual present not captured by {{TRT}} and her evolving in order to save the others.