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Talk:List of unused Pokémon and character designs

613 bytes added, 21:11, 19 July 2018
Another discussion about Beta Pokemon Gold
I think it's already been mentioned that the leak might have been a hoax. Now that we've "given it a bit of time" and it's been more than "a few dozen hours", can someone add the new leaks to the page? [[User:Sumwun|sumwun]] ([[User talk:Sumwun|talk]]) 20:02, 19 July 2018 (UTC)
:I think that when information is finished on userspace pages, it would be able to be moved to the mainspace. However, different users have different ideas on how this would look— [[User:Celadonkey/Spaceworld|mine]] and [[User:Abcboy/Pokémon Gold and Silver demo/Pokémon|Abcboy's]] are pretty different, for example.
:That being said, though, I think that if we were able to add this kind of stuff to the mainspace, even if it's not fully complete yet, it would be completed quicker, and there would be more discussion on how to format it and such. --[[User:Celadonkey|Celadonkey]] 21:11, 19 July 2018 (UTC)