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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 23

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{{Itemlist|none|On the tree in the northeast|G=yes|S=yes|display={{OBP|Berry|item}}}}
{{Itemlist|Revive|On the rock south of the Berry tree (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}}}}
{{Itemlist|Leftovers|Held by Snorlax|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|In-battle effect item|Leftovers}}}}
{{Itemlist|Max Revive|On a rock near the north end (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Revive|Max Revive}}}}
{{catch/div|forest|East side}}
{{Itemlist|Carbos|North of Diglett's Cave|G=yes|S=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Nugget|From the man in the house|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Nugget}}}}
{{Itemlist|ElixerElixir|South of the gate|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[Elixir|Elixer]]|sprite=Bag Elixir Sprite}}
{{catch/div|forest|West side}}
{{Itemlist|Dire Hit|Near the south end of the forest|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Battle item|Dire Hit}}}}
{{Itemlist|Full Heal|In the forest (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}}}}
{{Itemlist|Max Ether|In the forest (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes}}
{{Itemlist|none|On the tree in the northeast part of the forest|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[PSNCureBerry]]}}
{{Itemlist|Full Restore|In the forest (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Full Restore}}}}
{{Itemlist|Revive|In the forest (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Revive|Revive}}}}
{{Itemlist|Max Potion|Near the north end of the forest|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Max Potion}}}}
{{Itemlist|none|On a tree, east of the museum|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[Ice Berry]]}}
{{Itemlist|none|On a tree, east of the museum|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[Mint Berry]]}}
{{Itemlist|Silver Wing|From an old man on the east side of town|G=yes|display={{key|II|Silver Wing}}}}
{{Itemlist|Rainbow Wing|From an old man on the east side of town|S=yes|display={{key|II|Rainbow Wing}}}}
{{Itemlist|none|Held by Runny, the traded {{p|Rapidash}}|G=yes|S=yes|display=[[Burnt Berry]]}}
===The Second Feather===
There is an old man strolling around the east side of town. Speak to him to receive either the {{key|II|[[Silver Wing}}]]{{sup/2|G}} or the {{key|II|[[Rainbow Wing}}]]{{sup/2|S}}, a feather he found while training in Johto. This allows you to track down the other legendary bird, either {{DL|Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 9|Whirl Islands|Lugia in the Whirl Islands}}{{sup/2|G}} or {{DL|Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 8|Burned Tower|Ho-Oh atop Tin Tower}}{{sup/2|S}}.