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'''Glacine''' (Japanese: '''ヤジン''' ''Yajin'') is a minor supporting character who appeared in [[M14|''White—Victini and Zekrom'' and ''Black—Victini and Reshiram'']].
She is the leader of a tundra village that [[Damon]] eventually travels to during his quest for support from the People of the Vale. Initially, she did not support Damon's goals, but when he rescued her and some of her people from a giant iceberg using his {{OBP|Reshiram|M14}} and {{p|Reuniclus}} or {{OBP|Zekrom|M14}} and {{p|Gothitelle}}, she changed her mind, along with the rest of the village. She was later seen in [[Mannes]]'s home, voicing her support for Damon, and again in the ending credits, where she helped rebuild the [[Kingdom of the Vale]].