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When the {{player}} attempts to play the game on a model of the Game Boy prior to the Game Boy Color, the {{wp|error message}} "''This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color.''" is output by the game, with the word '''''Crystal''''' spelled out using {{p|Unown}}. There is an unused color palette associated with this message, using an orange tint, which appears when triggering the unused Super Game Boy border; this tint also appears if one force-boots Pokémon Crystal on a Super Game Boy.
===Trainer name order alteration===
In the Spanish localization release of Pokémon Crystal, the name order for trainers is reversed. For example, ''"Gym Leader Jasmine"'' becomes ''"Jasmine Gym Leader"''. The reason for this change is unknown.<ref>[ Pokémon Crystal - TCRF]</ref>