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A screenshot depicting an earlier design for the [[Pokémon Center]] also shows an {{p|Unown}} ruin on the upper-right corner, which was possibly related to the [[Ruins of Alph]], or an equivalent location at that point in development.
A simplified version of the northwestern-most section of {{rt|35|Johto}}, near the [[gate]] to [[National Park]], also appeared on one ofat the screenshots. The differences from the final designend of thea route includeis water instead of trees and fences, with the path to the right not beingalso openshown.
Another screenshot also depicts possible prototypes of [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]], as well as of a gate—possibly the gate that leads to Route 35, or rather, the [[Magnet Train]] station in [[Goldenrod City]].
File:1997 GS Surfing.png|Prototype {{m|Whirlpool|whirlpools}}
File:1997 GS Ruins.png|Prototype [[Pokémon Center]] and [[Ruins of Alph]]
File:1997 GS Route 35.png|Prototype {{rt|35|Johto}}route
File:1997 GS Goldenrod City.png|Possible prototypes of [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] and a [[gate]].