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The {{OBP|Secret Garden|location}}, where Latias and Latios reside, is found near the museum. Located in a small pond is the [[Soul Dew]]. If removed, it can be used to control the DMA, but this will cause all the water to drain from the city. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the two {{pkmn|category|Eon Pokémon}} to protect the Soul Dew.
*Alto This townMare briefly appearsreappeared in the opening sequence of ''[[M06|Jirachi Wish Maker]]'', showingwhere Latios and Latias were shown flying under theone of its bridge.
==In the TCG==
[[File:Alto Mare gate Entei.png|thumb|250px|right|A gate featuring the image of Entei]]
* Alto Mare is the first movie-made city based on a real city outside Japan.
* This town briefly appears in the opening sequence of ''[[M06|Jirachi Wish Maker]]'' showing Latios and Latias flying under the bridge.
* The large numbers of Pidgey found in Alto Mare seems to be a reference to the pigeons of Venice.
* A gate in Alto Mare that Team Rocket tries to climb over features an image of Entei.