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'''Nathaniel''' (Japanese: '''ナユタ''' ''Nayuta'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[DP138|Strategy Begins At Home!]]''. He is a small boy who lives in [[Twinleaf Town]].
{{Ash}} met Nathaniel dreamtafter ofspotting becominghim apeer [[Pokémonout Trainer]]from whensome hebushes becameand olderthe two soon struck up a conversation. Ash allowed the budding {{Ashpkmn|Trainer}} metto Nathanielhold when{{AP|Pikachu}} after he sawasked himpolitely. observingNathaniel's some wild Pokémon,enthusiasm and hedaily adventures reminded himAsh of himselfhis whenyounger he was youngerself.
Nathaniel's favorite type of Pokémon are {{type|Bug}}s, and he hopes to catch many of them once he becomes a Pokémon Trainer. AfterThe thepair watched as a wild {{p|Heracross}} became attracted to some [[Honey]] that Nathaniel plantedhad earlier slathered on a tree, attractedthe aclose wildencounter {{p|Heracross}},was Ashbrief mentionedbut toexciting. himThis thatspurred heAsh to tell him caughtabout his own {{AP|Heracross}}.
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