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In the manga
The Dark Stone was sought out by [[Team Plasma]], who, led by the [[Shadow Triad]], attacked the [[Nacrene Gym]] in ''[[PS495|The Battle Within]]'' in order to obtain the artifact. Although the {{tc|Team Plasma Grunt}}s raiding the building failed to find the stone, [[Ghetsis]] managed to trick {{adv|Black}} into revealing the entrance to the secret room where the Dark Stone was hidden. In ''[[PS497|Finding Truth]]'', the stone was delivered to {{adv|N}} at the Dragonspiral Tower, where he awakened Zekrom from it and converted it to his side to become the [[Heroes of Truth and Ideals|Hero of Ideals]]. [[Brycen]], having noticed the Light Stone rolling out of its safe towards Black, and thus acknowledging him as the [[Heroes of Truth and Ideals|Hero of Truth]], agreed with Drayden to entrust the stone to Black, which he did in ''[[PS505|A Cold Reception]]'', after being beaten by Black in a [[Gym]] battle. In ''[[PS518|True Friends]]'', during the {{un|Pokémon League}} tournament, Black's rage over Team Plasma having convinced {{adv|Cheren}} to side with their beliefs caused the Light Stone to be awakened into Reshiram. He then proceeded to use Reshiram to battle N's Zekrom, eventually emerging victorious. After the battle was over and Team Plasma had been defeated, Reshiram started reverting into its stone form once again. Ghetsis, wanting to get revenge on Black for foiling his plans, used [[Colress]]'s {{p|Beheeyem}} to push Black closer to the forming stone, causing him to get sucked into it as well. The Light Stone then floated away before {{adv|White}} could grab it.
In ''[[PS540|Flying Ship]]'', the Light Stone was seen flying towards the Unova region alongside N and Zekrom, having reacted to the awakening of {{DL|Tao trio (Adventures)|Kyurem}}. [[Fennel]] later sent White to search for the stone at the [[Entralink]], where she was able to find it. N, having followed the stone, told White that the stone had landed to the Entralink on purpose for her to find.
===In the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga===