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Ash's Butterfree

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Undo revision 2818259 by Shadao (talk)As with Charizard, M20 Ash is an alternate continuity Ash. So this Butterfree is NOT M20 Butterfree.
image=[[File:Ash Butterfree.png|224px]]|
caption=Ash's Butterfree|
gender=MaleUnknown<ref>Never!--As confirmedwith inCharizard, theM20 originalAsh [[M20]]an usesalternate Generationcontinuity IVAsh. genderSo differences for thethis Butterfree species,is andNOT Ash'sM20 Butterfree lacks the black oval scales on its lower wing.</ref-->|
location=[[Viridian Forest]] |