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'''Edmund''' (Japanese: '''エドモンド''' ''Edmund'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[BW070|The Clubsplosion Begins!]]''. He was [[Stephan]]'s first opponent in the [[Ambiga Town]] [[Clubsplosion]] tournament.
He usually appears to be quite meek and timid, but he is uncharacteristically becomes more aggressive in battle. ItEdmund ishas saidearned thatthe everynickname time"Rain Edmund battlesMan", ato suddenaccount rainstormfor coincidentallythe appears,fact whichthat hasevery earnedtime himhe thebattles, nicknamea ofrainstorm "Rainsuddenly Man"appears. His battle with Stephan was no exception, and he was confident that he would be victorious because of his {{p|Seismitoad}}'s Ability, {{a|Swift Swim}}. Edmund was a strategic and adaptable {{pkmn|Trainer}}, with Seismitoad using a combination of its speed and {{m|Mud Shot}} to keep its opponent distant. Seismitoad was also shown to be able to handle itself in close combat situations. However, he did not count on Seismitoad getting injured and thus slowing down, which led to his loss.