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Errors: Although not obvious, the ball was in the drawer when Gladion finds it / The swimsuit error is also not convincing, but I'll leave it for now
* During Lillie's flashbacks of her with her [[Lusamine|mother]] and [[Gladion|brother]] at the beach, Lusamine's swimsuit is a two piece, but on the first scene of them [[Ride Pokémon|riding]] a {{p|Lapras}}, her swimsuit is a one piece.
* When Faba hid Gladion's Hypno falls back after being hit by {{p|Type: NullSilvally}}'s {{ballm|PremierMulti-Attack}}, heHypno hidhas itan inextra his desk's drawer. When Gladion found it later, it wastoe on top of theits deskfoot.
* When Faba's Hypno and {{p|Alakazam}} fell back after getting hit by Gladion's {{p|Silvally}}'s {{m|Multi-Attack}}, Hypno has an extra toe on its foot.
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