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{{Ash}}, [[Professor Kukui]], and [[Professor Burnet]] prepare to leave the house to go to the local shops, while {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} will stay behind to look after the currently sleeping Pokémon. Rotom waves the trio goodbye and uses the opportunity to snap images of the napping Pokémon. Rotom’sRotom's photography session is then interrupted by the doorbell, waking {{AP|Litten}} in the process. Rotom answers the door, tofinding a delivery mandeliveryman and his {{p|Machoke}}. He is a little shocked to see Rotom, and asks if anyone is home, to whichbut Rotom explains the situation. Machoke brings in thea bright orange washing machine, surprising Rotom, who then signs off on the delivery and closes the door. Just asthen, Litten and {{AP|Lycanroc}} get into a playplayful fight, taking Rotom's attention and sense of peace with it. Meanwhile, while the washing machine turns out to be a Washanother {{p|Rotom}}. Litten’sLitten's {{m|Ember}} hits {{AP|Rowlet}} by mistake, whoand in revengeRowlet attempts to target Litten thoughin retaliation. Instead, it attacks {{AP|Pikachu}}, who responds to its rude awakening by shocking everyone in the room. This sends the two Rotom flying about, before knocking themselves back into the washing machine and Pokédex cover.
Ash, Kukui, and Burnet arrive backreturn home to see the washing machine, just as the delivery mandeliveryman returns to apologize for delivering the wrong item. The delivery mandeliveryman packs the washing machine back in his van and drives off. Meanwhile, Ash and the two Professors return insidereenter the house toand find the Rotom's Pokédex cover lying on the floor. Kukui takes it from Ash’sAsh's hands, and taps on the screen, which causes the system to reboot. Rotom emerges, but refers to itself as "Wash Rotom Pokedex". Ash notices that Rotom is acting strangely, though Kukui and Burnet think nothing of it and assume it is just a symptom of the reboot.
Meanwhile, the delivery mandeliveryman has brought the other Rotom to the local [[Pokémon Center]]. Rotom is confused to find itself ininside a washing machine, and wonders where its Pokédex Index is. AndJust the shock continuesthen, with [[Nurse Joy]] placing theplaces dirty laundry inside to wash it, and pokes Wash Rotom's eyes in the process. Wash Rotom begins to shake violently, before its door opens up and bubbles fill the Center’sCenter's laundry room. Rotom is sent into a panicspanic and exitsescapes the washing machine and escapes through a power socket, leaving Nurse Joy confused as to why her new machine doesn’tdoesn't work.
Rotom travels through the power wires, though it is instantly uncomfortable and thus dragged by the electric current to another location - {{an|Lana}}'s house. There, [[Harper and Sarah]] are talking into a fan, while {{an|Lana}} is busy doing the dishes. Rotom takes control of the fan, becoming a Fan Rotom, and notes that he is at Lana's house. Suddenly, Sarah and Harper begin to fight over the fan. In a bid to escape, Rotom starts flying around, though this only amuses the twins, who pursue it. Eventually, the chase ends when Rotom hits a wall and exits the appliance, before again attempting to find the Pokédex by travellingtraveling through the overhead power lines.
Rotom returns to Kukui's house, but finds itself stuck in the television set. It calls out, only to receive no answer, After flicking through some channel flickingchannels, Rotom exits the television and backTV through a power socket, fearing its shellPokédex hasshell beenwas thrown in the rubbishtrash. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu, along with Wash Rotom Pokédex, are in [[Hau'oli City]] when Wash Rotom takes a picture of a {{p|Marshadow|a mysterious Pokémon}}. Rotom exits a street lamp and also sees Marshadow, though it is disappointed that it cannot take a picture before being reabsorbed back into the power grid.
Rotom finds itself now attached to a lawnmower, making Mow forme Rotom, driven by one of {{an|Lillie}}’s's housemaids while she sips tea and readsis reading outside. When it spots Lillie, it starts travellingrampages towards her, though she and [[Snowy]] flee in fear. Lillie’sLillie's butler, [[Hobbes]] calls on his {{p|Oricorio}} to perform {{m|Revelation Dance}} to end the pursuit. The {{typet|Electric}} attack works, as Rotom exits the lawnmower and enters back into the power system while Lillie lays exhausted on the grass.
Next, Rotom has now possessedpossesses an overoven in [[Aina's Kitchen]]. It soon realisesrealizes where it is upon seeing {{an|Mallow}} accepting [[MooMoo Milk]] from {{an|Kiawe}}. Kiawe states thatsays it is strange that the restaurant ran out of milk, though Mallow explains they had many gratin and stew orders. She rewards Kiawe with a hot pudding, only to find Heat Rotom’sRotom's door open automatically. Mallow and {{TP|Mallow|Steenee}} inspect the puddings, only to find that they are still watery and closesclose the oven door. ThoughHowever, its springs open again, so she closes it. Heatagain. Rotom moves around to get their attention, though the act only scares Mallow and Steenee out of the kitchen. Kiawe calls out his {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}} to solve the issue, whoand it strikes Heat Rotom with its bone. Rotom exits the oven and into {{an|Sophocles}}' fridge, becoming a Frost Rotom. Hoping to get Sophocles and {{TP|Sophocles|Togedemaru}}'s attention, it hesitates before freezingfreezes them solid with its {{m|Blizzard}}. Rotom escapes, just as [[Sophocles's parents|Sophocles' mother]] discovers her son frozen in the kitchen.
Rotom concedes that it must return to the washing machine. Ash also attends the Pokémon Center to notify [[Nurse Joy]] thatabout his Rotom Pokédex is acting's bizarre. Nurse Joy refers Ash to Professor Kukui, who knows the most about Rotom. Ash explains that Kukui wanted to leave Rotom as it isnature. Nurse Joy is instantly reminded of her washing machine, which she points to, and the Wash Rotom Pokédex says it is nostalgic. Suddenly the lights flicker and, Rotom enters the Center beforeand returningreturns to the washing machine. After the Pokédex details Rotom and its forme changes, Nurse Joy believes her washing machine may have been affected. In its excitement to see Ash again, Wash Rotom sprays a {{m|Hydro Pump}}. Pikachu counters with its {{m|Electro Ball}}, though in its fear Rotom fills the room with soap suds out of fear, which Ash interprets as an attack. Ash then has Pikachu usesuse its Thunderbolt, and it shocks everyone in the process. Once again, the Rotom exit their devices and, knock into each other, and re-enterreenter thetheir actualoriginal devices.
Nurse Joy starts mopping the Center clean again, while Ash knocks on his Pokédex, causing Rotom to reboot its system. Rotom is turned on and expresses delight to be back, just as the Wash Rotom starts to rattle again. Rotom interjects and explains to Ash that the two switched bodies, and he accepts the strange turn of events. Ash then explains that the other Rotom had taken a picture of a rare Pokémon, though it was deleted. Fearing it may be missing out ofon valuable data, Rotom begins to flyflies out in search of the rare Pokémon, though. Ash goes to pursue it, but he slips and crushes Pikachu, who shocks everyone once again. Ash finds the Pokédex shell lying on the floor again, and fears the two Rotom have switched bodies. UnbeknownUnbeknownst to him, this is not the case, rather Rotom hasinstead bonded with the Pokémon Center instead. Rotom is eventually reunited with its beloved Pokédex shell and Ash after Pikachu’sPikachu shock treatment onshocks the Pokémon Center building.
==Major events==