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List of background references to Pokémon

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Television and film
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| rowspan = "2" | ''{{wp|Steven- Universe}}''style="background: #fff"
| ''{{wp|Steven the Sword Fighter}}''
| style="text-align:left" | A figure in Steven's room looks like a Pikachu merged with a {{wp|Character_design_of_Final_Fantasy#Moogle|Moogle}}.
| style="text-align:left" | Minori Kushieda finds Ryūji Takasu thinking and says 「ため息ゲットだぜ!」 ''Tameiki getto da ze!'' ("I caught your sigh!"), a shout out to the Japanese slogan of the Pokémon franchise, 「ポケモンゲットだぜ!」''Pokémon getto da ze!''. She also referenced other popular franchises, such as ''{{wp|Yu-Gi-Oh!}}''.
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|''This is Bob''
|''Bob Jumps from 10936,13 yards without a Parachute''
| When Bob was falling, Pikachu can be seen on the background, alongside with mug with "Deathly Hallows" emblem.
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| ''{{wp|Tween Academy: Class of 2012}}''
| N/A
| style="text-align:left" | In Kara's room, a {{p|Pikachu}} hat can be seen on an ''{{wp|Astro Boy}}'' statue.
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| ''{{wp|Ultraman Tiga}}'' (English dub)