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[[{{Ash]]}}, [[Professor Kukui]] and [[Professor Burnet]] prepare to leave the house to go to the local shops, while {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} will stay behind to look after the currently sleeping Pokémon. Rotom waves the trio goodbye and uses the opportunity to snap images of the napping Pokémon. Rotom’s photography session is interrupted by the doorbell, waking {{TPAP|Litten}} in the process. Rotom answers the door, to a delivery man and his {{p|Machoke}}. He is a little shocked to see Rotom, and asks if anyone is home, to which Rotom explains the situation. Machoke brings in the bright orange washing machine, surprising Rotom who then signs off on the delivery and closes the door. Just as Litten and {{AP|Lycanroc}} get into a play fight, taking Rotom attention and sense of peace with it, while the washing machine turns out to be a Wash {{p|Rotom}}. Litten’s {{m|Ember}} hits {{AP|Rowlet}} by mistake, who in revenge attempts to target Litten though attacks {{AP|Pikachu}}, who responds to its rude awakening by shocking everyone in the room. This sends the two Rotom flying about, before knocking themselves back into the washing machine and Pokédex cover.
Ash, Kukui and Burnet arrive back home to see the washing machine just as the delivery man returns to apologize for delivering the wrong item. The delivery man packs the washing machine back in his van and drives off. Meanwhile, Ash and the two Professors return inside the house to find the Rotom Pokédex cover lying on the floor. Kukui takes it from Ash’s hands, and taps on the screen, which causes the system to reboot. Rotom refers to itself as "Wash Rotom Pokedex". Ash notices that Rotom is acting strangely, though Kukui and Burnet think nothing of it and assume it is a symptom of the reboot.