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'''Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!''' (Japanese: '''マオとスイレン、にがあまメモリーズ!''' ''{{tt|Mao|Mallow}} and {{tt|Suiren|Lana}}, the Bittersweet Memories!'') is the 59th episode of the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, and the 998th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on January 25, 2018, in New Zealand on May 29, 2018, in the United Kingdom on June 1, 2018, and is scheduled to air in Canada on June 23, 2018, and in the United States on July 2, 2018.
Official Blurb from Pokémon<!-- goes here, /us/pokemon-episodes/21_16-tasting-the-bitter-with source link-the-sweet/-->
<i>When Harper and Sarah tell Lana that a Pokémon saved them after they got lost in the woods, Mallow remembers the same thing happened to her and Lana when they were younger! The two friends decide it’s time to find this Pokémon, nicknamed Grandpa Forest, and offer it their thanks. Always up for an adventure, Ash and Pikachu tag along, too! Our heroes soon learn that Grandpa Forest must be a Drampa, and when they find its favorite bittersweet Haban Berry trees, they realize they’re on the right track. Then, after a brief scuffle with Team Rocket, Lana and Mallow joyfully reunite with their old friend!</i>
Over a schoolDuring lunch, {{an|Lana}} tells her classmates about how [[Harper and Sarah]]’s latestgot adventure.lost Yesterdaybut thewere twinsassisted found themselves lost, thoughby a mysterious Pokémon assistedthat them andthen gifted them with a red berry each. With Lana’sLana's description, {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} searches its system and identifies the berries as [[Haban Berry|Haban berriesBerries]]. {{an|Mallow}} screams, as she and Lana remember the “{{p|Drampa|"[[Grandpa Forrest}}”Forest]]", whom Lana's assumes her sisters must've have met. Mallow and Lana explain that when they were small, they also got lost in the forest and a big Pokémon helped them out. Mallow admits she doesn't remember its appearance, and despite searching for it, the pair have never seen the Pokémon since. Lana hopes to thank the Pokémon, so [[{{Ash]]}} decides that the group should go search for it. Meanwhile, {{TRT}}, huddled under a staircase, overhear the conversation. After fantasizing about its rarity, the trio decides to follow Ash and {{ashcl}} directly to the Pokémon.
MeanwhileAsh is slightly disappointed that only he, {{TRT}}Lana, huddledand underMallow aare staircaseable to make the journey, overhearsince their other friends had commitments. When Lana becomes adamant that they will find Grandpa Forest, Mallow remembers that it was also the conversationday she first met Lana. Years ago, Lana came with [[Lana's mother|her mother]] to pick up a delivery from [[Aina's Kitchen]]. Mallow startled Lana as she was playing in the grass, and afterasked fantasizingher aboutwhat itswas rarityshe doing. Mallow then introduced herself, while Lana silently muttered out her name. Mallow grabbed Lana by the trioarm decidesand topulled followher Ashinto the nearby forest and histo friendsher directlyfavorite spot, a flower field that enchanted Lana. Mallow made Lana a flower bracelet, before a {{p|Cutiefly}} appeared. The two decided to thefollow Pokémonit, which led them to a horde of {{p|Ribombee}}. InAfter theirshowing excitementsome interest in Lana's bracelet, theLana gogifted it to standRibombee upas anda smashcrown. theirIn headsreturn, intoRibombee handed them a {{m|Pollen Puff}} each. Mallow encouraged Lana to try the staircasesweet aboveand themshe did, much to her delight.
AshTeam is slightly disappointed that only heRocket, Lanadisguised and Mallow are able to make the journey. Their other friends had commitments:as {{antype|SophoclesBug}} hadPokémon, to go with his dad tooverhear the {{p|Charjabug}}conversation repairand shop,look {{an|Lillie}} hadforward to goeating shoppingPollen with herPuffs. [[Lusamine|motherJames]], while {{an|Kiawe}} had to work atnotes the ranch. Mallow reminds him that the day’s plan was sudden, to which Ash agrees. Lanadelicacy is adamantsweet that they will find “Grandpaand Forest”nutritious. Mallow remembers that it was also the day she first met Lana. Years ago, Lana came with her mother to pick up a delivery from [[Aina's KitchenJessie]]. Malloweagerly startlessearches Lana,for whothe isnearest playing in the grass,supply and askedcomes heracross what wasa she doingRibombee. MallowThe introducedsmall herself,Pokémon whileis Lana silently muttered out her name. Mallow grabs Lana by the armstartled and pulls her into the nearby forest and to her favorite spot,fashions a flowerpurple field.puff Lanafor was enchanted by the sceneryJessie, but stillas shy.Jessie Mallow made Lana a flower bracelet, before a {{p|Cutiefly}} appeared. The two decided to followconsumes it, whichshe ledends themup togetting astomach horde of {{p|Ribombee}}. After showing some interest in Lana’s bracelet, Lana gifts it to Ribombeepains as aJames crown.reads Inthat return, Ribombee handed them a {{m|Pollen Puff|pollenPuffs puff}} each. Mallow encouraged Lana to try the sweet, much to her delight, concluding the flashback. Ash iscan also eagerbe toused tryfor a pollen puffattacking.
TeamAsh, RocketLana, disguisedand asMallow {{type|Bug}}stop Pokémon,in overhearfront theof conversationa andtree, lookwhich forwardthey tosay eatingis pollenwhere puffsthey asmet wellGrandpa Forest. [[James]]Again notesreminiscing, theMallow delicacyand isLana sweetreveal andthey nutritious.were [[Jessie]]playing eagerlywith searchesthe forRibomee thebefore nearestit supplyflew away. The two followed and comessoon acrossdiscovered a Ribombeestrange, large Pokémon. The smalltwo were terrified and tried to walk away from it, but before they could, the Pokémon islowered startledits head and roared, causing Lana and fashionsMallow ato purplerun puffaway forin Jessie,terror. whichRotom aspromises Jamesto readsguess isthe aPokémon defenceif techniquethey describe its characteristics. JessieMallow fallsand overLana explain that the Pokémon looked old and holdswas herwhite stomachand ingreen. Rotom reveals that the Pokémon was an {{p|Abomasnow}}, but Lana immediately denies it, angering Rotom, who demands a better paindescription.
Ash,Mallow and Lana andcontinue Mallowremembering stopthe inevents. frontAs ofthey aran treeoff, whichLana theyand sayMallow isgot wherelost theyin met "Grandpathe Forest"forest. AgainMallow reminiscing,apologized Mallowfor andforcing Lana wereto playinggo with theher Ribomeeinto beforethe itforest, flewand away. Thethe two followedlater andbecame soonhungry. discoveredMallow astarted strangecrying, largefearing Pokémon.they Thewould twonever werebe terrified,able andto instructedreturn home. Lana, tohowever, walknoticed awaysome fromHaban it.Berries Beforeon theythe floor. In couldhunger, theLana Pokémonate loweredone, itsonly headto afind bit,it andbitter. roaredRegardless, causingshe Lanagave andone to Mallow, towho runate awayit inand terror.was Rotomalso promisesshocked to guessby the Pokémon,bitterness. ifMallow theycalled describeLana out for lying about its characteristicstaste, withbut TeamLana Rocketwas lookingglad atthat themshe fromstopped theMallow's bushestears. Meanwhile, Mallow andbecame glad that Lana explaincalled theher Pokémonby lookedher old,name wasinstead whiteof andby greenthe nickname "Miss Family Restaurant". RotomThe hypestwo upthen itsate announcementthe Berries, and revealsnoted thatthey thewere Pokémonstarting wasto anbecome {{p|Abomasnow}}sweeter, butcausing Lanathem immediatelyto saysdub nothem "Bittersweet Berries". RotomThe becomestwo sadwalked away and burnsMallow insoon infuriation,recognized itthe thenpath demandsthat awould bettertake them descriptionhome.
Mallow andSuddenly, Lana continuetripped rememberingover theand events.dropped Asher theyBerry. ranIt offslid down, so Lana andpursued Mallowit, gotonly lostto innearly thefall forest.down Returninga tocliff. theirMallow flashback,grabbed MallowLana apologizedby forher forcingshirt, Lanabut tothe govine withshe herwas intohanging theonto forest,snapped and the twopair becamewere hungrysent Mallow startedfalling. cryingFortunately, fearingthe Pokémon they willhad neverseen beearlier ablesaved tothem. returnWith home.the Lana,new howeverinformation, noticedRotom some Haban berries onfinds the floor.answer Inand hunger,explains Lanathat atethe onePokémon onlyis to find it bitter.a Regardless{{p|Drampa}}, shesurprising gaveLana one toand Mallow,; whoTeam ateRocket itare andalso wasrelieved alsoto shockedlearn byof theits bitternessidentity. MallowRotom calledtells LanaAsh outthat forlooking lying,in buta theBerry-filled latterlocation wasis glada shegood stoppedstart Mallow'sto finding tearsDrampa. Mallow,{{AP|Pikachu}}'s however,ears wastwitch gladas thatit Lanasmells finallythe calledair, herand byit herthen nameruns insteadoff. of "Miss Aina's Kitchen"Ash, which made Lana, blush.and TheMallow twofollow ate the berriesPikachu, andwho notedleads they were startingthem to becomea sweeter,clearing andsurrounded dubbedby themHaban "BittersweetBerry berries"trees. TheTheir twoPokémon walkedstumble awayupon Grandpa Forest, andwho Mallowis recognizedhappy theto path,see whichAsh wouldand take themhis homefriends.
Suddenly, LanaTeam trippedRocket overappears, dressed in {{tc|Preschooler}} apparel. However, Ash, Lana, and droppedMallow don't fall for the berry.disguise Theand berrylook slidin downdisbelief as Team Rocket try to woo Drampa, sowho Lanadoesn't pursuedbelieve it either and attempts to fly off, only to nearlybe fallpulled down ato cliffthe ground. MallowAs grabbedJessie Lanaand byJames herchastise shirt,Meowth butfor the vinefailed sheplan, wasbut hangingthen, ontohe snappedreveals andtheir thebackup pairplan, wereand senthis Fortunately,bottle thetransforms Pokémoninto theya hadnet seengun. earlierMeowth savedfires them.out Witha thenet, newwhich information,ensnares RotomDrampa. hasPikachu foundgoes theto answersave Drampa, who becomes angry and explainsfrees itself thatfrom the Pokémonnet. isDrampa traps Team Rocket inside a {{pm|DrampaTwister}}, surprisinghowever Lana{{an|Bewear}} andsoon Mallow;appears Teamand Rocketrescues are also relieved to learn of itsthe identitytrio.
Rotom tells Ash that looking in a berry-filled location is a good start to finding Drampa.Afterwards, Lana and Mallow recallconfront thatDrampa, theywho wererecognizes surroundedthe bygirls berriesinstantly asand theyhugs playedthem. withAsh "Grandpais Forest".also {{AP|Pikachu}}’samazed earsto twitchmeet asDrampa itand smells the air,hugs it then runs off. Ash, Lana and Mallow followthank Pikachu,Drampa whichfor leadsrescuing them toand aLana's clearingsisters. surroundedAsh bypicks some Haban berryBerries from the trees. Theirand Pokémonshares stumblethem uponwith "Grandpaeveryone. Forest",Lana whoand letsMallow outeat atheir largeshares, roaronly andto isagain happybe tostartled seeby Ashthe andBerries' his friendsbitterness.
SuddenlyLater, "Kid" Team Rocket appearsLana, dressedback inat Pre-schoolerher apparelhouse, theywatches stopas theHarper trioand fromSarah reachingdraw Drampa and attempt to trick it into believing they are children. Their attempt fails and Drampa starts to fly off, though they pull the PokémonHaban to the ground. Meowth unleashes their backup planBerries, and hisapproves babyof bottletheir transforms into a net gundrawings. Meowth fires out a net which ensnares Drampa. Pikachu goes to save Drampa, who becomes angry and frees itself from the net. Drampa’s roar creates a strong whirlwind, which blows Team Rocket away.
Lana and Mallow confront Drampa, also known as "Grandpa Forest", who recognizes the girls instantly and hugs them. Ash is also amazed to meet Drampa, and hugs it. Lana and Mallow thank Drampa for rescuing them and Lana's sisters. Ash picks some Haban berries from the trees, and shares them with everyone. Lana and Mallow blush, and eat the berries, only to again be startled by their bitterness.
Later, Lana, at her house, watches Harper and Sarah draw Drampa and the Haban berries, and approves of their drawings.
==Major events==
* {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Mallow}} recall how they first met each other.
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Mallow}} recall how they first met each other.
====Pokémon debuts====
* {{p|Drampa}} ([[Grandpa Forest]])
<!--=====TV episode debuts=====-->
* {{p|Steenee}} ({{OP|Mallow|Steenee}})
* {{p|Bewear}} ({{an|Bewear|anime}})
* {{p|Drampa}} ([[Grandpa Forest]]; debut)
* {{p|Ribombee}} (multiple; one in present)
* {{p|Natu}}
* {{p|Cutiefly}} (multiple; flashback)
* {{p|Butterfree}} (×3; flashback)
* {{p|Abomasnow}} (image on Rotom Pokédex)
** Answer: Miss Aina Cafeteria
* {{Ash}}, {{an|Sophocles}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, {{an|Mallow}}, {{an|Lana}}, {{an|Lillie}}, and [[Snowy]] narrate the preview for the [[SM060|next episode]].
* The toys that [[Jessie]] plays with during the{{TRT}}'s {{motto}} are references to some of the Pokémon that she has owned in the past, namely {{TP|Jessie|Ekans}}, {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}, {{TP|Jessie|Dustox}}, and {{TP|Jessie|Pumpkaboo}}.
* Jessie and [[James]]'s [[List of Team Rocket's disguises|disguises]] in this episode resemble the design of {{tc|Preschooler}}s from [[Generation V]].
* {{Ash}}, {{anTP|Mallow}}, {{anJessie|LanaWobbuffet}}'s anddisguise {{an|Rotomincludes Pokédex}}a readlipstick theapplication, [[Who'swhich Thatis Pokémon?]]present segmenton female Wobbuffet in the dub{{pkmn|games}}.
* Ash, Mallow, Lana, and {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} read the [[Who's That Pokémon?]] segment in the dub.
* During {{MTR}}'s Giovanni fantasy, Meowth's whiskers on his head are missing.
===Dub edits===
|zh_cmn={{tt|瑪奧和水蓮的苦甜回憶!|Mallow and Lana, the Bittersweet Memories!}}
|cs={{tt|Sladké s hořkým dohromady!|Sweet and bitter at the same time!}}
|da={{tt|En smag af det bitre med det søde!|A taste of the bitter with the sweet!}}
|nl={{tt|De smaak van bitter en zoet!|The taste of bitter and sweet!}}
|fi={{tt|Katkeransuloinen maku!|A bittersweet taste!}}
|fr={{tt|La saveur perdue des baies douces-amères !|The lost flavor of bittersweet berries!}}
|de={{tt|Bittersüße Erinnerungen!|Bittersweet memories!}}
|thhe={{tt|มาโอะกับซุยเรน!סיפור ความทรงจำขมๆ หวานๆ!מתוק-מריר|Mao and Suiren, theA Bittersweet MemoriesStory!}}
|it={{tt|Un assaggio dolceamaro!|A bitterweet taste!}}
|ko={{tt|마오와 수련, 쌉쌀달콤 메모리즈!|Mallow and Lana, the Bittersweet Memories!}}
|no={{tt|Å ta det sure med det søte!|To take the sour with the sweet!}}
|pl={{tt|Smak goryczy i słodyczy!|The flavor of bitter and sweet!}}
|pt_br={{tt|Provando o azedo com o doce!|Tasting the sour with the sweet!}}
|pt_eu={{tt|Recordações agridoces!|Bittersweet memories!}}
|ru={{tt|Вкус горького и сладкого!|Bitter and sweet taste!}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Probando lo dulce con lo agrio!|Tasting the sweet with the sour!}}
|es_eu={{tt|¡Un sabor agridulce!|A bittersweet flavor!}}
|sv={{tt|En Smak Av Både Surt och Sött!|A Taste Of Both Sour and Sweet!}}
|th={{tt|มาโอะกับซุยเรน ความทรงจำขม ๆ หวาน ๆ !|Mao and Suiren, the Bittersweet Memories!}}
|tr={{tt|Buruk Bir Tat Almak!|Tasting a Sour Taste!}}
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