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Over a school lunch, {{incompletean|Lana}} plottells her classmates about [[Harper and Sarah]]’s latest adventure. Yesterday the twins found themselves lost, though a mysterious Pokémon assisted them and gifted them a red berry each. With Lana’s description, {{an|Rotom Pokédex}} searches its system and identifies the berries as [[Haban Berry|Haban berries]]. {{an|Mallow}} screams, as she and Lana remember the “{{p|Drampa|Grandpa Forrest}}”, whom Lana's sisters must've met. Mallow and Lana explain when they were small, they also got lost in the forest and a big Pokémon helped them out. Mallow admits she doesn't remember its appearance, and despite searching for it, the pair have never seen the Pokémon since. Lana hopes to thank the Pokémon, so [[Ash]] decides that the group should go search for it.
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Meanwhile, {{TRT}}, huddled under a staircase, overhear the conversation, and after fantasizing about its rarity, the trio decides to follow Ash and his friends directly to the Pokémon. In their excitement, the go to stand up and smash their heads into the staircase above them.
Ash is slightly disappointed that only he, Lana and Mallow are able to make the journey. Their other friends had commitments: {{an|Sophocles}} had to go with his dad to the {{p|Charjabug}} repair shop, {{an|Lillie}} had to go shopping with her [[Lusamine|mother]], while {{an|Kiawe}} had to work at the ranch. Mallow reminds him that the day’s plan was sudden, to which Ash agrees. Lana is adamant that they will find “Grandpa Forest”. Mallow remembers that it was also the day she first met Lana. Years ago, Lana came with her mother to pick up a delivery from [[Aina's Kitchen]]. Mallow startles Lana, who is playing in the grass, and asked her what was she doing. Mallow introduced herself, while Lana silently muttered out her name. Mallow grabs Lana by the arm and pulls her into the nearby forest and to her favorite spot, a flower field. Lana was enchanted by the scenery, but still shy. Mallow made Lana a flower bracelet, before a {{p|Cutiefly}} appeared. The two decided to follow it, which led them to a horde of {{p|Ribombee}}. After showing some interest in Lana’s bracelet, Lana gifts it to Ribombee as a crown. In return, Ribombee handed them a {{m|Pollen Puff|pollen puff}} each. Mallow encouraged Lana to try the sweet, much to her delight, concluding the flashback. Ash is also eager to try a pollen puff.
Team Rocket, disguised as {{type|Bug}} Pokémon, overhear the conversation and look forward to eating pollen puffs as well. [[James]] notes the delicacy is sweet and nutritious. [[Jessie]] eagerly searches for the nearest supply and comes across a Ribombee. The small Pokémon is startled, and fashions a purple puff for Jessie, which as James reads is a defence technique. Jessie falls over and holds her stomach in pain.
Ash, Lana and Mallow stop in front of a tree, which they say is where they met "Grandpa Forest". Again reminiscing, Mallow and Lana were playing with the Ribomee before it flew away. The two followed and soon discovered a strange, large Pokémon. The two were terrified, and instructed Lana to walk away from it. Before they could, the Pokémon lowered its head a bit, and roared, causing Lana and Mallow to run away in terror. Rotom promises to guess the Pokémon, if they describe its characteristics, with Team Rocket looking at them from the bushes. Mallow and Lana explain the Pokémon looked old, was white and green. Rotom hypes up its announcement, and reveals that the Pokémon was an {{p|Abomasnow}}, but Lana immediately says no. Rotom becomes sad and burns in infuriation, it then demands a better description.
Mallow and Lana continue remembering the events. As they ran off, Lana and Mallow got lost in the forest. Returning to their flashback, Mallow apologized for forcing Lana to go with her into the forest, and the two became hungry Mallow started crying, fearing they will never be able to return home. Lana, however, noticed some Haban berries on the floor. In hunger, Lana ate one only to find it bitter. Regardless, she gave one to Mallow, who ate it and was also shocked by the bitterness. Mallow called Lana out for lying, but the latter was glad she stopped Mallow's tears. Mallow, however, was glad that Lana finally called her by her name instead of "Miss Aina's Kitchen", which made Lana blush. The two ate the berries, and noted they were starting to become sweeter, and dubbed them "Bittersweet berries". The two walked away, and Mallow recognized the path, which would take them home.
Suddenly, Lana tripped over and dropped the berry. The berry slid down, so Lana pursued it, only to nearly fall down a cliff. Mallow grabbed Lana by her shirt, but the vine she was hanging onto snapped and the pair were sent falling. Fortunately, the Pokémon they had seen earlier saved them. With the new information, Rotom has found the answer, and explains that the Pokémon is a {{p|Drampa}}, surprising Lana and Mallow; Team Rocket are also relieved to learn of its identity.
Rotom tells Ash that looking in a berry-filled location is a good start to finding Drampa. Lana and Mallow recall that they were surrounded by berries as they played with "Grandpa Forest". {{AP|Pikachu}}’s ears twitch as it smells the air, it then runs off. Ash, Lana and Mallow follow Pikachu, which leads them to a clearing surrounded by Haban berry trees. Their Pokémon stumble upon "Grandpa Forest", who lets out a large roar and is happy to see Ash and his friends.
Suddenly, "Kid" Team Rocket appears, dressed in Pre-schooler apparel, they stop the trio from reaching Drampa and attempt to trick it into believing they are children. Their attempt fails and Drampa starts to fly off, though they pull the Pokémon to the ground. Meowth unleashes their backup plan, and his baby bottle transforms into a net gun. Meowth fires out a net which ensnares Drampa. Pikachu goes to save Drampa, who becomes angry and frees itself from the net. Drampa’s roar creates a strong whirlwind, which blows Team Rocket away.
Lana and Mallow confront Drampa, also known as "Grandpa Forest", who recognizes the girls instantly and hugs them. Ash is also amazed to meet Drampa, and hugs it. Lana and Mallow thank Drampa for rescuing them and Lana's sisters. Ash picks some Haban berries from the trees, and shares them with everyone. Lana and Mallow blush, and eat the berries, only to again be startled by their bitterness.
Later, Lana, at her house, watches Harper and Sarah draw Drampa and the Haban berries, and approves of their drawings.
==Major events==