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In the manga
In ''[[PS127|Miltank Melee]]'', Eusine gave a {{p|Miltank}} an unspecified Berry which is able to cure a Pokémon from all types of sicknesses, so that he didn't have to pay for the damages to the [[Moomoo Farm|farmers]]' roof.
From the {{chap|Ruby & Sapphire}} onward, the Berries featured were from the new Berry system introduced in [[Generation III]]. [[Magma Admin Courtney]] was capable of using the traits of the juices of specific Berries to her advantage. {{adv|Diamond}} cooked [[PoffinsPoffin]]s with a blend of berriesBerries that was deduced by one of the [[{{pkmn|Super Contest]]}} [[judgeContest Judge|judges]]s. [[Jupiter]] was equipped with several different berries to feed her {{p|Tangrowth}}'s {{m|Natural Gift}}. {{adv|Lax}} had the tendency of carrying lots of Berries in its fur all the time.
In the {{chap|Sun & Moon}}, {{adv|Sun}} is tasked by [[Hala]] to deliver the "[[Mirage Berry|Mirage Berries]]" to each of the [[Guardian deities]] to appease them. {{adv|Moon}} and [[Mallow]] were able to find the berries in the [[Lush Jungle]], and one was later given to {{p|Tapu Lele}}. Afterwards Sun placed the others in packages for the other guardian deities. However, these packages were later lost by accident, so Sun was forced to start searching for new ones.