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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are getting closer and closer to [[Pallet Town]]. Ash leaves his {{Delia|mom}} a message prior to arrival. He is excited to get back, but just as he runs towards home, he crashes into a wall. The wall is completely invisible, created by a {{p|Mr. Mime}}. They look up to see a Mr. Mime climbing up the invisible wall. Just then, a girl named [[Stella]], fromwho theis a circus Ring Master, shows up to try to catch {{p|Mr. Mime}}. Ash protests that he was going to catch it, but {{an|Brock}} holds him back because he thinks Stella is beautiful. This commotion causes the Mr. Mime to get away.
Stella then brings them to the circus, where she has her {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} perform tricks for the show. She introduces Ash and his friends to her three female assistants. The star of the show is her own Mr. Mime, but unfortunately it will no longer perform because of her harsh training towards it. So, when Stella shows her Mr. Mime to Ash and friends they see it sittinglying around lazily eating snacks. Brock, with a glint in his eye, tells Stella that he will get a Mr. Mime for her. When Ash is confused as to how Brock would catch the Mr. Mime, Brock tells him that someone should dress up as Mr. Mime and perform in the circus with the hopes that Stella's Mr. Mime will see this and get jealous. They hope it will lead to Mr. Mime wanting to perform in the circus once again.
At the same time, [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} arrive at a [[Team Rocket]] building. {{an|Giovanni|Their boss}} is angry at them for the incident at the [[Viridian Gym]], but they hastily apologize and get away. As they sit in their balloon thinking of a way to get rare Pokémon, a flyer for the Pokémon Circus flies by. They pick it up and start to think of a plan.
Ash ends up having to dress up as Mr. Mime. Since Ash doesn't know how to perform any of Mr. Mime's tricks, Stella pulls out her whip and puts Ash into training before the show. Ash comes to find that her training is very harsh, and empathizes with the Stella's Mr. Mime. Eventually, the circus show begins and Ash, in the Mr. Mime costume, comes out for the entry parade and performswaves to the crowd, whichincluding everyonehis fallsown formother. Suddenly, the lights go off and {{TRT}} comes in to steal the show. After performing their {{motto}}, they capture Ash with a net and leave, thinking that he is a Mr. Mime. AsDelia Teamenters Rocketthe sitsring and talksconfront aboutBrock howand they{{an|Misty}}, areand goingasks toif presentAsh "Mr.was Mime" toin the boss,Mr. AshMime untiescostume. himselfThey andconfirm revealsher thatmaternal itintuition. wasShe himsmiles indespite aher costumeson's allkidnapping, along.and Whileclarifies Team Rocket fumes aboutthat Ash alwayswill spoilingbe theirreleased plans,once heTeam thenRocket escapesrealize andthat stealshe [[Team Rocketisn'st mechas|Team Rocket'sthe Meowth balloon]]Mr. NeedlessMime tothey say,were Teamafter. RocketDelia isinvites upsetthem and startover to planher onhouse gettingin the real Mrmeantime. Mime as soon as possible.
Meanwhile,In Ash'sa mom,wood {{Delia}}cabin, bringsTeam BrockRocket andsit {{an|Misty}}around toa hermeal houseand fortalk lunch.about Just ashow they are leaving,going theto present 'Mr. Mime' fromto the beginningboss. comesAsh knockingunties onhimself theand window.reveals Ash's mom thinksthat it's Ash, and bringswas him in for a snackcostume all along. TheWhile realTeam AshRocket thenfumes arrivesabout inAsh thealways Meowthspoiling balloontheir plans, he stolethen from Team Rocketescapes and comessteals home.[[Team HisRocket's mommechas|Team realizesRocket's thatMeowth itballoon]]. wasNeedless ato real Mr. Mimesay, andTeam thenRocket Ashis asksupset Mr.and Mimestart to helpplan him.on Ash'sgetting momthe asksreal Mr. Mime toas helpsoon Ash, offering him a big dessert if it helps, and itas agreespossible.
LaterMeanwhile, TeamAsh's Rocketmom, burstsDelia outwaves withBrock, a tank trying to steal the Pokémon from the circus. They fire nets at themMisty and pinStella themgoodbye allafter to thehaving groundlunch. TheJust circus helpers get into their trucks and try to escape with the remaining Pokémon, butas they are trappedleaving, too. Stella and herthe Mr. Mime tryfrom tothe escape,beginning butcomes Teamknocking Rocketon turnsher around and homes in on themwindow. AsAsh's theymom arethinks about capture them too,it's Ash comes in to interfere, and heallows ishim reunitedin withfor hisa friends as well as his momsnack. HeThe ordersreal {{AP|Pikachu}}Ash tothen usearrives Thunderbolt onin the tank,Meowth butballoon ithe hasstole no effect, asfrom Team Rocket anticipatedand Ash'scomes usehome. ofHis Pikachumom andrealizes madethat sure the tankit was largelya madereal ofMr. rubberMime, toand wardthen offAsh electricasks attacksMr. HeMime thento sends out {{AP|Charizard}}, but it doesn't obeyhelp him. Ash's mom then tells herasks Mr. Mime to help, and it builds a wall to block them. Stella's Mr. Mime sees this andAsh, whenoffering the tank turns around, builds another wall to block them from the other side. Eventually surrounding them withhim a towerbig ofdessert walls,if they try to blow the walls out with theirit missileshelps, butand end up blasting themselves offit againagrees.
InLater, Team Rocket bursts out with a tank trying to steal the end,Pokémon from the wildcircus. MrThey fire nets at them and pin them all to the ground. MimeThe endscircus uphelpers get into their trucks and try to goingescape with Deliathe remaining Pokémon, but they are trapped too. Stella and becomesher aMr. Mime try to escape, but Team helpfulRocket handturns around and hones in on them. As they are about capture them too, Ash comes in to interfere, and he is reunited with his friends as well as his mom. He orders {{AP|Pikachu}} to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} on the housetank, but it has no effect, as Team Rocket anticipated Ash's use of Pikachu and made sure the tank was largely made of rubber to ward off electric attacks. StellaHe then sends out {{AP|Charizard}}, but it doesn't obey him. Ash's mom then tells her Mr. Mime endsto uphelp, forgivingand herit forbuilds hera harshwall trainingto block them. Stella's Mr. Mime sees this and, when the tank turns around, builds another agreeswall to performblock inthem from the circusother againside. StellaThe agreestwo Mr. Mime's compete and eventually surround Team Rocket with a tower of walls, they try to notblow trainthe aswalls harshlyout anymorewith their missiles, but end up blasting themselves off again.
Ash and his friends return to his house for dinner, prepared by the wild Mr. Mime, nicknamed [[Mimey]], who has decided to stay with Delia and become a helping hand around the house. Stella agrees to give up the harsh training, and in return her Mr. Mime forgives and agrees to perform in the circus again.
==Major events==