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** Of these three episodes, this is the only one not to have scenes also shown in the movie. However, the shot of Mewtwo shown from the bottom upwards uses the same animation as the scene in the movie's prologue, where Mewtwo is first shown in his armor. Because of this, Mewtwo's appearance in this episode is less cartoonish than the previous episode, and its "chin" is now covered by its armor.
* Music from ''Mewtwo Strikes Back'' is played during the episode. This is also the first [[dub]] episode to feature music from that movie's original Japanese soundtrack.
* The {{p|Jynx}} in the "[[Who's That Pokémon?]]" segment displays the species' old color design before the skin color was changed to purple due to the {{pkmn|controversy}} surrounding the issue.
* When the two {{p|Mr. Mime}} are making a tower of mirrors to catch Team Rocket and their tank, {{TRT}} says, "That's wall folks." This could be a reference to the catchphrase "That's all folks" from the ''{{wp|Looney Tunes}}'' cartoons.
* The title card displays the name for this episode as ''It's Mr. Mimie Time'', although the title card's voiceover pronounces it as ''It's Mr. Mime Time''.
** This episode is also referred to as ''It's Mr. Mime Time'' on [ Poké] and the DVD menu of [[List of English language Adventures in the Orange Islands home video releases (Region 4)|Australian DVDs]].
* In the scene before {{Ash}} and [[Stella]] walk out onstage, the blue marking on the front of {{TP|Misty|Togepi}}'s shell is missing.
* When {{TRT}} is in their tank, their gloves disappear when they are shown talking in the bubbles.
* [[Pikachu's Jukebox]]: [[2.B.A. Master]] (US DVD box set), [[What Kind of Pokémon Are You?]] (Pokémon TV)
* In the dub, Stella thinks Mr. Mime left because she was such a tough trainer. However, in the original, she thinks it left because she spoiled it too much. This loses a bit of character development from the original as she has to realize why it really left.
* The "Brock the Rock" joke was originally a reference to the Japanese proverb "reliable as a big ship". Misty jokes about the "rocks in his head" in the dub, but she just asks if he's OKis okay in the original version.
* Ash originally quotes the first two lines of Team Rocket's Japanese motto when unmasking himself from his Mr. Mime costume. Also, the jokes about how a mime should be acting like they're trapped in a bubble and shouldn't be able to talk were dub-added.
* Delia asks Mimey to help her son in both versions but doesn't bribe him with dessert in the original. Ash's response is also different: he believes Delia is taking over his duties as a Pokémon Trainer in the dub, and believes Mimey is sucking up to Delia in the original.
* [[James]] introduces Team Rocket's new mecha in the original using a fast, TV announcer-like voice but in the dub he simply talks normally. Also, he didn't originally reference the fact that Ash stole his balloon.