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|vajp=Mika Kanai
|vaen=Kayzie Rogers
|desc=Trixie's {{p|Azumarill}} is used in aher circus under the ownership of Trixie. [[Ash's Totodile]] expressed love for it, but in the end Azumarill expressed love for Trixie's {{p|Golduck}}. It has a small, pink bow on its tail. It first appeared when Trixie had lost it. Totodile saw it and started to show its love to Azumarill, but Totodile was rejected by it. It turned up when Trixie called it, followed by Totodile. It was then revealed that Azumarill had not been itself lately, after it captured Golduck. Later, it was seen in its performance, juggling balls with its Water Gun.
Later, it was captured by {{TRT}}. {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} tried to help it, but {{AP|Pikachu}} was captured too. Team Rocket tried to get it to juggle. Suddenly Totodile appeared but was captured too. At night Totodile gave Azumarill its lost ribbon back, making it slightly happy. The next day, Ash and his friends found Team Rocket, and Trixie's Golduck was able to send them blasting off with a powerful Water Gun. Azumarill was taken out of its cage, and ran towards Golduck (dodging Totodile) and hugged it.