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Life Skills (Learning League)

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I Messages
===I Messages===
Ash and Quinn are talking to each other over the PokéPilot, when suddenly Max and May get into a particularly nasty argument over {{TP|May|Skitty}} tearing up one of Max's books, and they exchange mean words to each other. Quinn recalls having similar arguments with his older sister, and, using the PokéPilot, he plays back some parts of the argument, and points out what Max and May could have said to one another without sounding mean to each other, and how the conflict could have been resolved with "I messages".
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===Self Esteem===
Ash, May and Max are heading towards [[Pallet Town]]. Ash and May are psyched because they're going to have a Double Battle, and Ash hopes that [[Professor Oak]] is able to see him perform. May adds that even if he wasn't there, Atat least all the new Trainers can watch him. Max wants to meet him to talk about what it takes to be a great [[Pokémon Trainer]], and hopes he didn't forget anything. May says that his memory is like a book, which gives him an idea to write a book about the experiences of Pokémon training, and of his adventures with Ash. Ash decides to use Pikachu for the battle, while May chooses Eevee. They prepare for the battle while Max writes what happens. Later on, it's revealed that both of them were sorely beaten. Max is saddened by the loss, so much so that he isn't able to write about it any longer, he even considers to change the ending. However, Ash and May don't seem to mind the loss: Ash just likes to battle while May got some great ideas for her next Contests. Max wonders how he could feel good even after a defeat like that. Ash mentions that there were times when a loss would bum them out, but then they realized that it shouldn't get them down. They call Quinn up to explain things better. He then teaches the group about Self Esteem.
Characters that appear in this episode are
===Dealing with Anger===
Ash and May are going to a park for a picnic, they hear something in the bushes. It turns out to be Team Rocket, who are quarreling with each other. [[Jessie]] fell into a hole and is covered in dirt and twigs. She yells at {{MTR}} for not digging the hole where she wanted it. Meowth is angry because neither Jessie or [[James]] rarely do any work and are terrible at catching Pokémon. As they squabble among each other., Ash and May agree to never fight like that, but they want to know more about how to deal with anger. They call Quinn up who explains to them how to deal with anger in a healthy way. After they're done talking. May and Ash decide to leave, but then decide to talk to Team Rocket on how they can deal with their anger.
Characters that appear in this episode are