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|epname=Pokémon Red and Green Versions
|desc=[[File:199Slowking.png|right|130px]][[File:090Shellder.png|right|90px]]{{main|Shellder (Pokémon)}}<br>{{main|Slowbro (Pokémon)}}<br>{{main|Slowking (Pokémon)}}<br>
In the anime, Shellder is required to evolve Slowpoke into Slowbro or Slowking. Shellder clamps onto a Slowpoke's tail to evolve into Slowbro, or onto its head while wearing the [[King's Rock]] to evolve into a Slowking. Even though Shellder changes form drastically when it bonds with Slowpoke to evolve, it is not considered an evolution in and of itself. Mega Slowbro has the Shellder engulf most of Slowbro's body; essentially making it a shell for Mega Slowbro.}}