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|epname=The Great Eight Fate!
|desc={{p|Milotic}} first appeareddebuted in ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate]]'', where it was first used in a water exhibition. It also won in a battle against {{TRT}}. Milotic is Juan's strongest and most experienced Pokémon, having helped Juan in his career as a {{pkmn|Coordinator}} by winning many [[Pokémon Contest]]s years ago. With the help of Milotic, Juan was able to win the [[Grand Festival]], earning the [[Ribbon Cup]] and the title of [[Top Coordinator]]. Nowadays, Milotic uses all of its experience against challengers who come to the [[Sootopolis Gym]].
Juan used Milotic as his final Pokémon in the Gym battle against {{Ash}}. With its elegant grace and power, Milotic was able to gain the upper hand against Ash. It defeated Ash's Swellow with Hydro Pump and Twister, then put up a good fight against Pikachu thanks to its ability to Recover from Electric attacks. It was also able to draw in Pikachu's {{m|Thunder}} with Iron Tail. However, Pikachu pulled Milotic below the water and used Thunder to defeat it, thus earning Ash the {{Badge|Rain}}.