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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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[[File:Pikipek Egg.png|thumb|left|250px|Toucannon hatching the Pikipek Eggs]]
{{p|Toucannon}} is the leader of a group of Pikipek and one Trumbeak that lives in a forest on Melemele Island. Toucannon is responsible for hatching the Pikipek from [[Pokémon Egg]]s, while it leaves the hunt for food to Trumbeak and the Pikipek. By mistake, a {{TP|Ash|Rowlet}} was born into the nest of Pikipek. The Rowlet would grow up alongside the Pikipek but would never be fully accepted by them, Trumbeak, and Toucannon.
Toucannon first appeared in ''[[SM004|First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!]]'', waiting at its nest for the Pikipek, Trumbeak and Rowlet to return with fruit. When it turned out Rowlet had accidentally brought a wind chime instead of fruit, Trumbeak gave it a scolding and banished it from the group. The next day as the Pikipek and Trumbeak were out looking for food, Toucannon was thinking back to the time where Rowlet's egg hatched among the Pikipek when Rowlet returned with a melon just as the group was attacked by {{TRT}} who were trying to get {{an|Bewear}}'s berries back. With help from {{Ash}}, Rowlet managed to save them. Ash planned to catch Rowlet but seeing it happy with its family, decided not to but encouraged Rowlet to join Ash, which it did.