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Woobat was used in ''[[BW075|A Restoration Confrontation! Part 1]]'' to capture a {{p|Tirtouga}} that [[Dr. Zager]] had just resurrected, however it escaped after blowing a hole in the helicopter with {{m|Ancient Power}}. In [[BW076|the next episode]], Woobat battled to capture the Prototurtle Pokémon alongside Yamask, until Tirtouga evolved into {{p|Carracosta}} and fled the scene. Woobat later battled {{AP|Pikachu}} and [[Cilan's Pansage]] as they tied to rescue the captured Carracosta before the time gate at [[Twist Mountain]].
In ''[[BW085|All for the Love of Meloetta!]]'', Woobat helped uncover {{an|Meloetta}} while {{TRT}} were pursuing it. Later in ''[[BW096|Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!]]'', Woobat confronted Ash and co alongside Yamask so that Team Rocket could steal Meloetta. He battled against [[Iris's Axew]] and Cilan's Pansage while {{an|Giovanni}} pursued Ash and Meloetta. Then in the [[BW097|next episode]], Woobat and Yamask used their combined attacks to launch Ash of the top of the ancient temple to prevent him from interfering with [[Operation Tempest]].
Woobat was used to battle [[Aldith]]'s {{p|Liepard}} in ''[[BW117|Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!]]'', alongside {{TP|James|Amoonguss}} as Jessie, [[James]] and {{MTR}} tried to steal [[Colress]]'s Pokémon manipulation machine. Eventually Liepard's {{m|Shadow Ball}} veered and hit Colress's machine, releasing [[Iris's Dragonite]] and [[Rhoder]]'s {{p|Haxorus}} which were under his control.