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Prior to the start of the {{chap|X & Y}} Élec was an {{p|Electrike}} used by [[Clemont]] alongside other {{type|Electric}} Pokémon to power the [[Prism Tower]] during a blackout. Élec first appeared as an Electrike in ''[[PAXY11|Charging After Electrike]]'', watching {{adv|X}} battle against the [[Lumiose Press editor-in-chief]]. Upon seeing X defeat the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief, he became impressed with X and began following the group when they left [[Lumiose City]].
In ''[[PAXY12|Fast-Thinking Froakie]]'' Electrike appears in front of the group and steals {{adv|Y}}'s clothes, forcing X and the others to give chase. Electrike is soon stopped by [[Croaky]] and forced to battle him. Due to Croaky's speed and jumping skills, he easily dodges Electrike's moves and manages to take back Y's clothes. Despite lossinglosing the battle Electrike continues to try and take Y's clothes. X deduces that he doesn't want her to change out of her flight suit in order to reach something high up, and Electrike agrees enthusiastically. Y begins to argue that she will not do it and Electrike [[evolves]] into {{p|Manectric}}, convincing Y to help out. X then figures out that he is looking for a [[Manectite]] and Clemont agrees to help look for it.
After Clemont puts the information into his sensor the group finds the Manectite on top of a tree. However, a {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}} also found the stone and attempts to take it, knocking the tree down on Clemont and stealing the stone. X, {{adv|Trevor}}, and Manectric give chase and eventually end up in the [[Parfum Palace]]. Upon arriving the Grunt's {{p|Tyrunt}} steals [[Li'l Kanga]]'s Mega Stone as well. X turns to Manectric to reaffirm its desire for the Mega Stone and asks him if he would like to battle together with him, to which the Discharge Pokémon nods. With the confirmation X gives him the nickname Élec and onto his back and charges towards the Team Flare Grunt.