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Episode RR
===Episode RR===
[[Lillie]] comes in and asks the player to join her back at Aether Paradise, alarmed and confused by the news report. After getting there, they meet up with Wicke, who tells them Team Rainbow Rocket took over Aether Paradise for reasons unknown and took Lusamine hostage, she also recalls she once heard of a similarly named [[Team Rocket]] during her travels in [[Kanto]]. The player and Lillie run into a group of grunts on their way to the mansion, and Lillie is revealed to have become a Pokémon trainerTrainer herself, now in possession of a {{p|Clefairy}}. After dealing with the gruntsGrunts, they discover that Lusamine's mansion is no more, and in its place stands its warped version, the [[Team Rocket's Castle]]. That's when they are welcomed by Faba, who reveals he sold out Aether Paradise to Team Rainbow Rocket in order to further his career, infuriating Lillie. A battle ensues, and Faba eventually gives up and lets the duo make their way into the castle. Lillie walks into Lusamine's room, now colored in red, and realizes they need to use the teleporter hidden inside, but the door leading to it is locked. On their way out of the room, two more grunts challenge them to a battle, but another ally suddenly shows up and helps defeat the grunts: none other than [[Guzma]].
The grunts retreat, opening two doors in the process. Lillie stays behind while the player explores the first floor of the castle, encountering more grunts, and ultimately running into [[Maxie]] and [[Archie]], who occupy offices on the opposite sides of the castle. Both reveal they came from worlds where they have achieved their goals of, respectively, using {{p|Groudon}} to expand the landmass and using {{p|Kyogre}} to expand the sea, and have been transported to this world right after having done so. The player battles them, opening the doors to the second floor of the castle in the process, and returns to the hallway, where he/she sees Guzma easily holding back two grunts. The grunts reveal that in order to open the door and activate the teleporter in Lusamine's room, the player must proceed to the second floor. Just at this moment, Maxie and Archie arrive and are surprised to see each other. Even after they realize they came from different worlds, they start arguing, only to suddenly vanish into thin air.