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Individual Pokémon in Shuffle weekly cycle
Or do not add anything until how Pokémon Shuffle will display from now onward is decided? Thanks — '''[[User:Ruixiang95|<span style="color:#1E90FF;">Ruixiang</span>]][[User talk:Ruixiang95|<span style="color:#4B0082;">95</span>]]''' 13:02, 6 June 2018 (UTC)
:I'm a bit busy today an tomorrow, but I can discuss this this morning before I become unavailable until at least this evening. I've been very slow in figuring out how I want to convert the pages over to the weekly cycles, where I believe all Pokémon are now available in some way over a 24 week cycle (or Halloween/Christmas) if not already in the main stages. However, if the ones you list are ones that are not properly listed in the prior format, then they should be fixed as we will in some way be retaining this information when the page is either moved or split into various stage types over the three years. [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 13:06, 6 June 2018 (UTC)
::OK, I just reread your comments ater I quickly replied before. I see now that you are referring to how it would appear on a Pokémon's page. This is going to take a little more thought on my part as I am not 100% sure how I want to handle these yet. We might remove special stage info that is related to past events and just return to a weekly cycle, perhaps linking to the legacy special stages pages for additional info. This is something I had not considered and will be worth looking into to determine the appropriate solution. [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 14:45, 6 June 2018 (UTC)